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Afghanistan’s misfortune is from U.S.

“Afghanistan is a place forgotten by God,” this is U.S. President Joe Biden’s worst remarks about proud Afghanistan and its brave nation.
U.S.’s Biden once again brazenly remarked about our country and our nation saying this is a place forsaken by God, as one year ago, he said they had not come to Afghanistan for a “nation building” purpose.
In San Diego of the U.S., Biden, during his speech on Friday, said that he had visited every part of Afghanistan and in his opinion, the country was a God-forsaken place.
‘Many of you have gone to Afghanistan.’ I have been to every part of it. This is a place forgotten by God.”
As media reported, nearly two years ago, the U.S. said Afghanistan should have been described as a place of failure of the great powers and that ‘it is not possible for the people of this country to unite.’
In response to Biden who has lost his wisdom and often shakes hand with invisible persons, should be said that Afghanistan is the territory of brave nation and heroes and has never been and would never be forgotten by Allah the almighty, the real lord of the two worlds, but you have lost your wisdom to see a real independent and freedom-loving nation and their territory God-forsaken.
Also, this is a clear fact that the U.S. is identified worldwide, particularly by the Afghan people that it had not come to Afghanistan for nation-building but occupied the country for destruction, murder, causing discord among various tribes and strengthening corruption just for seeking its own interests.
All knows how the situation of Afghanistan was before the U.S. invasion and how is it now?
The U.S. and its allies, during their long occupation of the country even did not support its Afghanistan-based puppet regimes; the two rounds corrupt and scandalous so-called republics who looted the country’s property and there was no one to take them accountable, but the U.S. who encouraged them and fueled patricide and bloodshed. The U.S. is correct that it had not come for a nation-building purpose in Afghanistan, but had come for nation-subversion and destruction.
Also, the U.S. and its other western partners, after 20 years of occupation, left Afghanistan facing harsh economic crisis, migration and many other problems.
If they recognize Afghanistan under the Islamic system, this is not only in the interest of our nation but also, in their own interest.
So, Afghanistan is not a country for Biden and Biden-like people to give opinion. This country has its own possessors, supporters and real owners and there is no need for others to give advice.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.