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Afghanistan’s interim cabinet makes key decisions

Afghanistan’s caretaker cabinet in a ministerial meeting in Presidential Palace on Monday, October 11 made some key decisions in security and economic spheres.

A statement released from Presidential Palace (ARG) reads that the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Muhammad Hassan Akhund discussed political, economic, and security issues and made some key decisions.

The statement reads that the leadership ordered the expulsion of the Taliban members who are not needed and ill-treat people.

In the meeting, the cabinet pledged to be setting up a depot for humanitarian aids provided by the international community and added to be distributed transparently.

“The security bodies were directed to ensure the security of ministries and government administrations and for the Afghan traders and investors.” Reads the statement.

In the meantime, the caretaker cabinet directed the resolution of the problems of transportation unions in the country and added to be giving license to a helicopter firm to fly freely in Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.