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Afghanistan’s disinformation war: a war on many fronts

Fake news and sophisticated misinformation efforts are particularly difficult for freshly liberated countries from US and Western occupation/colonization, and there is rising discussion about how to solve these concerns without jeopardizing the benefits of digital media. The political and social milieu in Afghanistan is currently contaminated by poisonous propaganda and disinformation.
In Afghanistan, social media and, to a lesser extent, mainstream media have become propaganda weapons and disinformation machines for the US and its allies.
Due to its technological breakthroughs, humans have been able to break down physical borders between nations and reach out to every corner of the earth.
The globe has merged into a single town in the age of technology and information. As a result of today’s technology, nations are always within reach of foes.
For example, on August 15, 2021, Afghanistan underwent a complete revolution: a 20-year-old state disintegrated and was replaced by a new one.
Following the fall of the Afghan republic, a disinformation campaign funded by the US and NATO powers emerged, wreaking devastation on the country. People hardly discriminate between truth and fake news in the disinformation and propaganda battle.
Aside from poverty, the battleground is also a battleground for the US/NATO-backed disinformation war machine and the dissemination of fake news. For example, recent insecurity in some provinces, such as Panjshir and Baghlan, has been exaggerated to the point where it appears that half of the country is on the verge of collapse.
Afghanistan, on the other hand, has never experienced the kind of security that exists today in the preceding five decades. Given that Afghanistan has just emerged from a 20-year-long increased war and the presence of mercenary forces from nearly 40 nations, it is unsurprising that these circles would resume their destructive operations in order to destabilize the existing situation. Furthermore, gangs of trolls are tasked to disseminate and agitate individuals against one another on social media and in the mainstream.
Fortunately, they have yet to divide and achieve their objectives.
To cover up their military defeat and 20 years of failure in Afghanistan, the US and NATO have destabilized the country and caused mayhem among ordinary Afghans. Although the US and NATO have failed in Afghanistan, they hide their failure and lie to their own people. Besides, they are not sitting silently watching the new Afghan administration reign in peace and assurance. In contrast, US and NATO governments seek out and create issues in post-US/NATO Afghanistan in order to demonstrate that they are not to blame for the current and previous 20 years of crises. As a result, they employ all available means to destabilize Afghanistan and exact revenge on Afghans on other fronts.
To sum up, the public mood in Afghanistan has been influenced by disinformation and propaganda.
It instills fear in ordinary Afghans and demonstrates that the situation is deteriorating.
Afghanistan, on the other hand, is unmatched in terms of security and sovereignty by any prior era. True, the US and NATO war machines are working against Afghans’ desire in order to polarize our society, but it is up to us as a country to identify our foes and their nefarious designs to undermine our unity and stability.
The Afghan government, officials, and ordinary Afghans are all accountable for standing together as an iron wall against the US and NATO-sponsored disinformation and propaganda campaign in the country.
It is the only way to ensure our future unity, stability, and prosperity.
Otherwise, the states war machine of the United States and its allies has focused on polarizing Afghan society and destabilizing Afghanistan once more in order to achieve their political goals.

By: Nasratullah Haqpal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.