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Afghanistan’s current foreign policy measured and mature steps

When America and its allies experienced a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, they decided to negotiate with the Islamic Emirate’s officials, which eventually happened in Doha, the capital of Qatar. After several months of negotiation, America came to Qatar to talk with the Islamic Emirate’s political office. It realized that the Islamic Emirate’s officials were the real people of Afghanistan and the inheritors of this land. On the one hand, the heroes and Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate were fighting against the American-led NATO. On the other hand, they endeavored to sit on the negotiation table with America. The Jihad against the occupation had never halted since the Islamic Emirate knew all the tricks and satanic intentions of America and its allies. Allah the Almighty granted steadfastness to the mujahidin and leaders of the Islamic Emirate. Eventually, after the contin uous sacrifices of the Mujahidin, once again, the true leaders of Afghanistan came to power and took control of the administration. The article doesn’t discuss the management of affairs; instead, it aims to briefly discuss Afghanistan’s foreign policy, which recognizes the legitimacy of the new Islamic system in Afghanistan, formally acknowledging a complex issue. The Islamic Emirate seized power amidst new conflicts in the region, including RussiaUkraine tensions and the struggle of Palestinian Hama’s mujahidin against the Zionist regime, America’s leading supporter, and the support of some neighboring countries, especially Iran, posed a challenge to Afghanistan’s foreign policy. Although the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has not remained silent against the attacks and crimes made by the Zionist regime on the oppressed people of Palestine and occasionally condemned their crimes and declared its position through statements, there is no doubt that maintaining relations with countries supporting the ideal of Palestine is a significant challenge. Aside from these challenges, maintaining and enhancing ties with Russia, China, America, India, Iran, and Turkiye in such circumstances in the region and the world can only be interpreted as political maturity, as Afghanistan’s current foreign policy, which is neutrality, is simultaneously indicative of the superiority of the Islamic Emirate’s foreign policy in maintaining good relations with powerful countries like America, Russia, and China in such turbulent political situations in the world. The removal of members of the Islamic Emirate from Russia’s blacklist means that day by day, the relations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the world and the region become more robust and more stable, which will have positive implications for the future. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.