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Afghanistan’s constitution unique in region, but violated in some cases, Experts

KABUL: Some experts believed Afghanistan constitution, the unique one in the region, but said in many cases it’s many articles have been ignored or less implemented in the country.
At the threshold of marking the week of constitution in the country, some activists from civil society and human rights organizations said the constitution has been ignored in many cases.
Many articles of the country’s constitution, particularly on access to information, civil rights and women right of political partnership have not been properly implemented, Aziz Rafeyee head of civil society complex adding however it is regionally unique constitution.
“All know that both the government and the citizens are duty-bound to implement constitution, but unfortunately, there are some defections in the implementation of the constitution,” Rafeyee told The Kabul Times.
He said accurate information are not sent by the Afghan authorities to the citizens and nor the country’s media can receive enough information from the government institutions to share with the people.
“In many cases, articles of the constitution, related to security, employment, implementation of justice as well as social and economic situations have been ignored,” the expert said.
According to him, women’s rights are badly harmed, their rights are violated in the society.
Unfortunately, women partnership in the government’s institutions declined and those in the leadership, have no authority to attend the big decision-making.
Mujib Khelwatgar, Chief Executive Officer for the Nai-Media supporting agency in Afghanistan, confirmed that the country’s constitution has been ignored in many areas.
He said media, as the fourth force, have not still enough access to information, as they are not helped to receive information and share with media.
Khelwatgar asked the government for supporting the country’s constitution and both the government authorities and other related organs should help media get access to information and share them with the people.
“Afghanistan has experienced three decades of war and is in need of security,” he said adding insecurity is still a challenge before the government and the people of Afghanistan.
He said: “If we want the consitution to be fundamentally implemented, anyone should call themselves duty-bound for its observation.”
Seddiqui, the spokesman of Afghanistan Human Rights Organization also said that Afghanistan had the best constitution, but its implementation has forever been faced challenges. “We have good and effective media, but the related organs are not ready to provide them with information,” the spokesman said.
People in remote areas of the country have no access to justice, women are facing various kinds of violence, but no source have information about them, he said.

Suraya Raiszada

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