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Afghanistan’s achievements and the world’s negligence

Afghanistan has obtained great achievements over the last two years compared to any other time and the in charges of the affairs, from freedom and security to public works, have done and are doing much every day. Sure security, elimination of drugs, corruption, collection of drug addicts and their regular treatment, collection of beggars from the cities, setting urban regulations, launching large and small projects across the country and uprooting warlordism and dozens of other things are the live examples which are unprecedented in Afghanistan in the previous half-century. We don’t know why the world and international community are indifferent to Afghanistan. They are continuously wasting opportunities. The world must stop persecuting the oppressed people of Afghanistan and they cannot ignore the truth. Also, the country’s foreign assets should be released as it is the right of the people of Afghanistan to have access to their assets and depriving the impoverished nation of their rights is unjust. Otherwise, Afghanistan today has achieved great success and victories and has enjoyed great security and political and economic achievements. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has facilitated the recognition today and the world should immediately take steps on this good and great thing and start their programs for the recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Now this noble and suffering nation needs to be caressed and ointment should be applied to their deep and bloody wounds, and each country should help and cooperate with the country and nation and start working for the settlement, progress and development of this territory. World countries should remove the chains of worry and anxiety from their necks. Also, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is completely loyal to its promises and committed to the content of the Doha Agreement.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.