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Afghanistan with opportunities for growth in regional trade and economic development

For almost four decades, Afghans suffered from wars, murders, insecurities and displacement. During this period, nearly two million have been martyred and wounded, many families have been displaced and the country has lost all chances for growth and development. Afghanistan has many bitter memories of wars and insecurities as each Afghan family has somehow suffered from the past four decades of insecurities and lost one or two members of the family. All those Afghans who are living as refugees in neighboring and other countries of the world have been displaced due to foreign invasions and wars in the country. For the past two and a half years, with the great grace of Allah and the blessing of the great sacrifices of the Afghan mujahid nation, a powerful Islamic system has been estab lished in the country, where security has improved considerably. Fortunately, with the establishment of the new Islamic system, security has been ensured in the world and region. Although the current better security situation of Afghanistan is in the interest of not only Afghans but also for the countries of the region and the world; However, some regional and international intelligence agencies are trying to somehow show the wrong image of the current security situation of Afghanistan. As part of their efforts, some regional countries and intelligence agencies make some false claims from time to time, as if the territory of Afghanistan is being used against them, and they blame the Islamic Emirate for not fulfilling the promises made in the Doha Agreement. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly rejected such claims made by these countries and their intelligence agencies and has insisted that it stands by its promise and does not allow anyone to use its territory against others. The Islamic Emirate is also insisting that the world and regional countries should abandon the policy of interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. If any countries do have any concerns or legitimate requests, they should share them with the IEA through official and diplomatic addresses instead of going for social media and threats. From the first day, the Islamic Emirate has asked for positive and mutually respectful relations and interactions with the world and the region as it has chosen a balanced policy. The Islamic Emirate does not want Afghanistan to be a ground for wars and regional competitions. It has repeatedly and clearly said that it wants Afghanistan to play a role of connection and integration for the implementation of international trade and transit, as well as major and vital projects. The international community and regional countries should also support Afghanistan’s current stable situation. The world and regional countries should see this situation as a golden opportunity and take advantage of Afghanistan’s favorable geographical location for their economic development and growth. If there are any concerns or suggestions regarding any problems from the Afghan side, they should share them with the Islamic Emirate through diplomatic channels and work to strengthen friendly relations through the principle and law of bilateral cooperation. Afghanistan is located on a route to economic development and stability of the region! Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.