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Afghanistan will not be used as a Launchpad against other nations, Zabihullah Mujahid

The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Zabihullah Mujahid reiterated the unwavering pledge of the Islamic Emirate that Afghanistan’s territory will never be used as a Launchpad against any neighboring country. He further emphasized that the IEA remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against other countries, including Pakistan and China. “The commitment of the Islamic Emirate already existed that we do not want Afghanistan’s soil to be used against any other country. Our neighboring countries, especially China and Pakistan shall be assured that we will never allow their security to be disturbed from Afghanistan’s soil, or anyone to threaten their security,” Mujahid said. At the same time, several political analysts and citizens of Afghanistan believe that such pressures will trigger tension in the region. Afghanistan’s soil has neither been used against neighboring countries nor is a threat to neighboring countries or other countries in the region, the political analysts and citizens told in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent. “In my opinion, Pakistan has been accusing Afghanistan for many years, and today, when Afghanistan enjoys all-around security, it still criticizes the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that Afghanistan’s soil is being used against neighboring countries, said Abdul Samad, a student of Kabul University, this is nothing but an accusation.” “Pakistan shall first take care of itself and then put political and economic pressure on Afghanistan or express its baseless statements,” said Ali Ahmad, a political analyst. Now the economic benefit of Afghanistan is in the middle, and Pakistan is putting pressure to deprive Afghanistan of the tremendous economic benefit. China shall realize the regional sensitivities and not allow Pakistan to achieve its malicious intent against Afghanistan, according to experts. “The internal problem of Pakistan belongs to itself. Before the IEA takeover, the TTP was active in Pakistan. I hope their intelligence network addresses their problems on their own and does not mount pressure on Afghanistan as this causes tension in the region,” said Mohammad Zalmai Afghanyar, a political analyst. According to him, the tension will cause Afghanistan to be excluded from the region. While currently, the Afghan government has repeatedly emphasized that there is no threat from Afghanistan soil to the neighboring, and regional countries. This comes as “The Express Tribune” cited sources saying that China has leverage over the “Afghan Taliban” and that Pakistan wants China to use financial and economic leverage over the “Afghan Taliban” to address the issue of terrorist sanctuaries. Earlier, speaking at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that the remarks about the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan are propaganda against the Islamic Emirate. Shoukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.