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Afghanistan welcomes results of Ministerial Meeting of Global Coalition against Daesh

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a statement has welcomed results of the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh held in Rome, stressing on joint and overall regional and world effort towards address threats posed by international terrorism.
The Ministerial Meeting/ of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS was held days ago in Rome. US Department of State in a statement has said that participants in the meeting praised Afghanistan government for its efforts towards fighting the IS-Khorasan in the country.
The meeting’s participants reaffirmed/ their shared determination to continue the fight against Daesh/ISIS, and to create conditions for the enduring defeat of the terrorist group,/ which remains the Coalition’s sole purpose,/ through a comprehensive, coordinated and multifaceted effort.
The meeting’s participants emphasized/ the protection of civilians/ as a priority/ and affirmed that international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, as applicable, as well as relevant UN Security Council/ resolutions, must be upheld under all circumstances./
The participants committed/ to strengthening/ cooperation across all Coalition lines of effort in order to/ ensure that Daesh/ISIS/ Core/ in/ Iraq and Syria,/ and its/ affiliates and/ networks/ around the/ world/ are unable to reconstitute any territorial enclave or continue to threaten our homelands, people, and interests./
Participants in the meting remain firmly united in their outrage at atrocities perpetrated by Daesh/ISIS and in their determination to eliminate this global threat, and stand alongside survivors and families of victims of Daesh/ISIS crimes working for accountability.
The Ministers/ tasked the Coalition Working Groups to assess ways in which they can contribute to counter Daesh/ISIS efforts in/ the affected regions./ / The Ministers also welcomed Afghanistan’s efforts to counter the Islamic State-Khurasan (IS-K).
The Coalition reaffirmed its belief that a/ comprehensive and collective effort/ remains necessary to achieve a full and enduring defeat of Daesh/ISIS worldwide. The Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS has proven that it is a cohesive, responsive/ tool that has achieved notable successes/ through military, political, stabilization, counter-messaging, financial, and law enforcement lines of effort.
Currently, Daesh seriously intends to organize a large-scale uprising and recruit fighters in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in Central Asian countries. We wetness that a number of elements of the “al-Qaeda terrorist organization”, including Tajiks, Uighurs and Uzbeks, all of whom, of course, formed the outer body of ISIS in Afghanistan. However, most experts in Afghanistan believe that what they are committing in the name of ISIS in Afghanistan is a branch or other group of Taliban that is equipped by Pakistan. But Pakistan’s direct and indirect role in the growth of ISIS in Afghanistan is also important. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan was and is a good place for terrorist groups having safe havens, training centers and good place to recruit fighters for fighting in Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

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