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Afghanistan waters need proper management

In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, economists said that the Afghan government should not be indifferent on management of Afghanistan waters, because these waters are our people’s national capital and should be properly managed.
Economist Saifuddin Saihoon said, today our people are in a very bad situation of drought threat. In order to fight drought, the government should manage our waters. Our waters are pourning freely to neighboring countries the government should make efforts for their hartling and construct water reservoir inside the country to meet people needs.
The sources of the MoWE said that a meeting of deputy ministers of water and Energy of Afghanistan and Iran was held in Tehran at a condition that drought has caused decrease of water and damaged the people. Based on 1351 solar year agreement, due to shortage of water this year this meeting was held at the level of deputy ministers.
Chief of Water Department, MoWE Eng Wais Basiri told the media that during this three day meeting, the Afghan delegation would discuss different aspects of water agreement between the two countries.
He added, this is a sensitive issue and we are facing drought, so we should discuss this issue with Iranian authorities and convince them to reach good solution. We try to find proper solutions. We want one hundred percent of implementation of Helmand water agreement.
According to 1351 agreement, 22 cubic meter water should flow into Iran per second from Helmand river but the Afghan side gives 4 cubic meter additional water per second as a good will gesture of Afghan government.
The agreement says that water flowing depends upon natural conditions and climate change. In case of decrease of river water of Helmand, flow of water should also decrease.
But the Iranian authorities have always made statements on water issue with Afghanistan. Sometimes before, Iranian president Hassan Rohani had said that Iran would not be silent in water issue particularly construction of water dams in Afghanistan.
These statements provoked reactions in Afghanistan. Even the Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that efforts would be made to prevent wasting of Afghanistan waters. During the opening of the third part of Kamal Khan Dam, president Ghani had emphasized that management of Afghanistan is an essential need.
Nasima Niazay a member of the House Water and Energy Arrangement Commission said that at present more water is flowing into Iran and the Afghan government must prevent it. Ten times more water than the agreement water is flowing into Iran. This is the right of the Afghan government to talks frankly on water issue with the Iranian side. In order the Afghan government not to make good exploitation from its waters, Iran has resorted to insecurities in those areas. So the Afghan delegation should defend their right, seriously.
Except with Iran, Afghanistan has not held water distribution agreement with other countries. Based on available reports, out of 75 billion cubic meter waters of Afghanistan, only 30 pc are used and the rest of 70 pc are flowing into Iran and Pakistan and they are using it freely.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.