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Afghanistan war to end if Pakistan denying safe haven to Taliban, Graham

By: Lailuma Noori

US Senator Lindey Graham has said the war in Afghanistan will end in a matter of weeks if Pakistan denies safe haven to the Taliban.
While the US is holding talks with the Taliban, Graham said that it should start negotiating with Pakistan.
“As to negotiating with the Taliban, I think we got this wrong. I think what we should do is start negotiating with Pakistan. If Pakistan denied the Taliban safe haven in Pakistan, the war in Afghanistan would end in a matter of weeks,” Graham said in an interview to Fox News.
US resumed talks with the Taliban in Qatar on Saturday, three months after President Donald Trump halted the process, citing a deadly attack in Kabul.
Graham said that he wants to change Pakistan’s behavior.
“So, I want to try to get Pakistan to change their behavior through a free trade agreement tied to security performances, then talk to the Taliban. I want as much leverage over the Taliban as possible to end this war,” Graham said.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts say Islamabad should review its strategy in connection with supporting terrorist groups in its soil. According to Afghan political experts, if Pakistan stops double game policy in the region and review its strategy and policy, one part of Afghanistan perplexed peace process will resolve.
Pakistan as a neighboring of Afghanistan should take honestly and practical steps towards the Afghan peace process and maintaining peace in the country as no country in the region will benefit from continued insecurity and war in Afghanistan.
Although Pakistan had previously promised repeatedly of cooperation with Afghanistan in peace process and maintaining peace in the country, the country has not taken any practical steps in this regard. Pakistan has been repeatedly accused of supporting terrorist groups in particular the Taliban.
It is said that more than thousands of terrorists from various countries of the world have been trained in training centers in Pakistan for the past 40 years during which they have benefited safe havens provided by ISI in various parts of Pakistan.
During the past 40 years, millions of our people have suffered the continued war in the country, infrastructures have been destroyed, the capital Kabul has been destroyed and its residents have suffered various problems and pains.
Afghanistan government has always stressed on ending the continued war through political settlement and wanted the continued war end with dignity. The government has also considered resumption of peace talks beneficial for maintaining peace and stability in the country.
US negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad resumed talks with Taliban representatives on Saturday three months after President Donald Trump halted them citing a deadly attack in Kabul.
The latest round of talks focus on reducing violence in Afghanistan in a way that the Taliban halt bombings in populated areas and the US stop night raids.

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