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Afghanistan war has foreign and regional dimensions

Following surge in Taliban attacks and violence in almost all Afghanistan, a number of Afghan political experts in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent by expressing concern over increasing violence in the country said war has been imposed on Afghans as it has foreign and regional dimensions.
Advisor to President on Communications and Public Relations, Wahid Omar in his recent remarks by pointing to foreign interferences in internal affairs of Afghanistan told media that recent evidence in battlefields has shown that Pakistan army is supporting Taliban fighters in different parts of the country.
“Taliban is living in Pakistan, a country that is equipping the group and a country where treatment is provided to wounded Taliban fighters. Besides, the group is doing their propaganda from Pakistan,” Omar said.
This comes after Afghanistan First Vice President Amrullah Salih warned of continued relations between Taliban and Pakistan.
“Surge in Taliban attacks and violence show that an organized military organ in the region is operating beyond Taliban control as there are sufficient financial and spiritual documents to prove the claim,” Salih said.
Meanwhile, an Afghan retired ANA officer Gen. Dawlat Waziri says all the people of Afghanistan and world know that the ongoing war has been imposed on Afghans as foreign and regional intelligence networks are behind the ongoing war in the country.
“If countries supporting terrorism stop supporting terrorist groups in their soil, peace will be maintained on that day in Afghanistan as it is a proxy and imposed war,” Waziri added.
On the other hand, officials for the ministry of defense say Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are well-prepared to defend the people and country and provide security to the people, but there are still problems as dimensions of the ongoing war are so big. They say that all programs and measures have been taken to control the situation.
Based on information of the country’s defense and security organs, Taliban has planned to capture several provinces during the current year, but their vicious aims have been spoiled by the country’s defense and security forces.
Previously, Afghanistan National Security Council while stressing on peace process had said that terrorists targeting public infrastructures, military bases, religious and holy places and innocent civilians will be perished and their hideouts will be targeted and destroyed.
A number of Afghan experts while considering current surge in Taliban’s attacks and violence as big obstacle for maintaining peace in the country say this is true that Afghanistan’s current war has foreign dimensions and imposed on Afghans. “Afghanistan is the only country facing with continued foreign interferences as it has witnessed the imposed and proxy war for the past four decades,” said Javed Kohistani, an Afghan military expert. He said that it was Afghans who have worked for foreign intelligence networks and interests of foreign countries to destroy their country. He asserted that the country’s defense and security forces should be decisive in fighting terrorist groups and those working for the interests of foreign countries, adding that taking serious action against terrorist groups help maintain security in the country. This comes amid surge in Taliban attacks and violence in different parts of the country. Currently, serious fighting is ongoing in almost all provinces of the country.



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