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Afghanistan wants peaceful neighbors

Media reported that at least three religious scholars have been stabbed; one to death at the spot and two others wounded few days ago in the neighboring country of Iran.
The incident has been reportedly happened in a shrine called Imam Reza in Mashhad city of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hosting thousands of Afghan refugees.
According to reports, the third victim, with critical injuries, has also lost his life in hospital. Reports, released earlier, also said that the Iranian security officials have started mistreatment of the Afghan refugees, following the brutal attack.
The fatal attempt made it clear that a 21-year-old Afghan refugee attacked the three Iranian clergymen; killing one and wounding two others who were in their praying ceremony in the shrine.
Iranian security officials called the incident a ‘terrorist act’ that directly targeted the clerics, a tragedy apparently resulted in the arrest of scores of Afghans living and working in the neighboring country.
Afghans, now, residing in Iran, have become number one suspects by the hosting country’s security officials. At least seven people, including the attacker have been arrested immediately for allegedly being involved in the deadly knife attack.
Afghanistan and Iran have now opened a new chapter of good relations, after the return and restoration of the Islamic system in the country.
Both nations with common culture, language, traditions, and other Islamic commonalities, are inseparable and any allegations that the incident may have been an organized plan by Afghans, should never damage trust between the two countries. The attack may have been planned by some vicious circles to disturb the public minds of the two brother nations and create misbelieves among the two Islamic systems.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) condemned the incident in the strongest possible term and called for serious investigation into the crime.
Denouncing the knife attack, the IEA’s Spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said: “The attack has nothing to do with the Afghans and Afghanistan.” The suspects — either from Afghanistan or any other country — are said
to have paved the ground for the possibilities of torturing and mistreatment of Afghan refugees by Iranian security officials.
The arrestees; wither or not punished or even released, is a matter of the Iranian government decision but the incident should be investigated seriously to disclose the fact behind the criminal act.
The two countries remain committed towards each other’s interests and never want their relations interrupted by empty claims and conspiracies of the two nation’s common enemies.
The two Islamic countries and friendly neighbors are aware of conspiracies’ and will not fall prey to the hands of enemies who never wanted Islamic nations remain united worldwide.
The Islamic Emirate wants Afghans living abroad to return home and calls on the hosting countries, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran to behave well with them as long as they are there and help their voluntary return to the country duly.
Afghanistan wants good relations with the whole world countries, particularly its neighbors and is saddened by what happened wrong in the Islamic republic.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.