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Afghanistan wants good relations with all countries, PM Hassan Akhund

KABUL: The acting Prime Minister (PM) of the country’s caretaker government Mullah Hassan Akhund has said that Afghanistan wants to have good relations with the international community,  including the neighbor sand regional countries’ “The Islamic Emirate wants to have good relations, economic ties and coexistence with all countries. Afghanistan will not interfere in internal affairs of any country, it is not our policy,” Mullah
Hassan Akhund said in his address Television of Afghanistan (RTA) on Saturday night.
In his first address since the IEA takeover on August, Hassan Akhund noted that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against any country and the new administration will not allow anyone to use Afghan soil against anyone. “No harm has been inflicted to any country from Afghanistan and no one will witness harm from Afghanistan. Now, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is focusing on rebuilding our country,” he
said, noting that exerting pressure on Afghanistan will not benefit anyone.
Regarding girls education and women rights, Hassan Akhund said: “The women’s rights are safeguarded, and the Islamic Emirate respects the rights of education for women and girls. The women will be provided with an immune space for their education based on  the Islamic laws.” He also urged the provincial governors, police chiefs and judges to do their best in providing service to the Afghans, calling on them to strictly act against those ho cause harassment among the people.
“Those who harass ordinary people, or individuals who worked in the former government, must be accountable. It doesn’t matter how high their rank is, those who are harassing people should be
disarmed immediately and the report should be sent to me directly,” he said. The acting PM also called on
Afghans to get united and rebuild the country including its economy with goodwill and brotherhood.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.