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Afghanistan towards self-sufficiency in producing agricultural machineries

Afghanistan is working towards reaching self-sufficiency in producing agricultural machineries. The southern province Kandahar two factories that are producing wheat threshers are operating, which has helped the country’s farmers use domestic products rather than import wheat threshers from outside. According to the head of Kandahar industrial park, with two factories producing wheat threshers, imports of wheat threshers have been stopped and farmers now go for purchasing Afghanistan-made threshers. “There are two factories producing wheat threshers in Kandahar industrial park. Both factories can produce up to 900 wheat threshers in a year. The cost of each thresher machine is some 300,000 AFG,” said Mufti Ali Mohammad, head of Kandahar industrial park. Meanwhile, the owner of one of the threshers-producing factories says his factory has been producing wheat threshers in Kandahar for the past six years. “Four wheat threshers are produced in the firm on a daily basis,” said Abdul Baqi, owner of the threshers-producing factory. He said the factory was increasing its production level to 240 in a month during the wheat harvest season. Baqi added that his factory was producing quality wheat threshers as the quality of their threshers was even better several folds than those imported from outside, adding that the factory’s threshers were now provided and exported to 34 provinces of the country. In the meantime, a number of workers working in thresher-producing factories in Kandahar are asking other investors and traders to invest in such factories inside the country so that employment opportunities are created for the country’s youth. They also asked the Islamic Emirate to fully support such factories operating in the country. “I had lots of problems when I was unemployed. I’m asking other Afghan investors and traders to invest in such factories so that the country’s youth get opportunities to work inside the country,” said Abdul Jabar, a factory worker. Currently, there are lots of factories that produce different machineries are operating in the country. Afghanistan is working to reach self-sufficiency in producing machineries particularly agricultural machinery as a majority of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture. In the past, wheat and grain harvest and other agricultural machineries were imported from neighboring countries, particularly from Pakistan, Iran and India, but with the operation of some domestic factories producing wheat threshers, the country’s farmers go for purchasing their domestic products inside the country.Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.