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Afghanistan towards development

After the spring and flourishing season, this year, work for the reconstruction of roads, highways and public avenues has begun in the country. Nowadays, we see that large projects, throughout the country, are inaugurated or implemented mostly funded by the Islamic Emirate’s development budget. The beginning of similar projects has made the people hopeful and caused assurance, trust and reliance of the people towards their system. After winter, once again, the reconstruction process of the remaining parts of the Salang highway is expected to start and the authorities announce the start of its work in the event of appropriate weather. Another recent good news was the start of the inauguration of the Kotel-e-Khairkhana road, that the beginning of its construction pleased the people and drivers as thousands of vehicles had been stuck for hours due to heavy traffic jams. We see dozens of roads and streets in the capital Kabul and other cities of the country, which are under construction and reconstruction processes helping hundreds of people access to work and employment countrywide. The successful launch of the development projects across the country shows that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is strongly committed to the country’s development and is making efforts to have all countrymen, either living abroad or inside the country, take part in its reconstruction. Experts accompanying the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs visited various provinces, including the other day’s trip to Herat province, which implies a firm decision of the Islamic Emirate to open the construction work of the water canal. It should be said that the country is in progress in different areas, but, the only concern for people is the lack of jobs at all levels and if the Islamic Emirate is trying to rebuild and beautify the homeland, it should first provide work for people. On the other hand, providing work for the people and having thousands of unemployed eligible workforce inside the country, can prevent migration of the people, particularly, the youths to other countries and moreover, encourage them to return home and join their country’s reconstruction.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.