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Afghanistan towards development as corruption uprooted

08 May 2012, Hajigak Pass, Shibar District, Bamiyan Province, Afghanistan : Hafiz Ullah (38) a former potato farmer works with heavy road building machinery at a construction site at Zuhak city, the gateway from Bamiyan to the proposed Hajigak Pass Iron mine. He is paid 300 Afgans a day with breakfast and lunch included. " It is much better than farming" he says." I will try to get a job at the mine." The World Bank is funding the proposed development of the Hajigak iron mine through its sponsorship of local Community Development Councils that give local residents a voice in the planning of the mine. The Afghan Ministry of Mines in conjunction with a raft of foreign companies are developing a blueprint for the mine. Plans include construction of infrastructure such as roads to access the remote location, schools and new residential complexes to house mine workers and their families. Local village residents are looking forward to the development that will provide jobs and an increased standard of living in a harsh area that suffers from extreme poverty. Picture by Graham Crouch/World Bank

Hundreds of uplift projects are launched and tens of others are exploited across the country, after the of the Islamic Emirate return to power in August last year.
Reports said work on the construction of Qush Tepa Canal has been accelerated and is expected to be completed before the stipulated time in the country’s northern province of Balkh.
After completion, the 280 kilometers long and 100 meters wide canal will irrigate 500,000 hectares of land in Balkh as well as in the neighboring Jawzjan and Faryab provinces.
The project costing 60 billion afghani is being executed by the Afghanistan National Development Company and the entire fund for the project is provided from the national revenue.
The work process has been resumed and accelerated after the fall of the former corrupt regime as there was no will for development in the country, by the corrupt officials; except looting the public properties.
As local officials in Balkh province say work on the project, which was started from the Qush Tepa area has been completed till Dawlatabad district as forty-two kilometers of the project has been constructed.
Some 120 private companies and around 2,300 people were involved in the construction of the canal, with the capacity of carrying 650 cubic meters of water in one second. The project’s completion would resolve the water shortage in the three provinces, as well.
The canal has been said to be of vital importance for Afghanistan and said the country would become self-reliant in terms of agriculture products after its completion.
More than 490 development projects costing 112 billion Afghanis (each dollar equals some 90.3 Afghanis), have also been launched, some completed countrywide.
During the officials’ accountability to the nation, the National Development Company (NDC) said some of the projects have been successfully completed, while some are due to be completed and work on some others is underway.
Afghanistan is on the way to develop as the Islamic Emirate has eliminated all sources of corruption and resumed work based on transparency all over the country.
During the past government, billions of U.S. dollars have been looted and hundreds of projects abandoned semi-complete or remained never done in the capital and provinces of the country.
Roads and streets across the capital Kabul have been asphalted low-quality. Most of the provincial capital cities remained dusty and earthy, with the related organs of the Islamic Emirate resorting to the construction and rebuilding most of them recently.
Lets join hands to rebuild our country and help it get rid of foreign dependence.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.