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Afghanistan to receive newly printed Afghan banknotes soon

Photo taken on Feb. 9, 2022 shows Da Afghanistan Bank DAB in Kabul, Afghanistan. Afghanistan has received a batch of 32 million U.S. dollars in humanitarian cash assistance on Tuesday, according to the country's central bank. (Photo by Saifurahman Safi/Xinhua via Getty Images)

Officials for Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) say the newly printed Afghan banknotes will soon reach to Afghanistan. The country’s central bank has informed that the new Afghan banknotes printed abroad will be circulated in the country’s markets once they reach to the country.
In a press release issued last week, the central bank of Afghanistan said that some developments had been made in the printing of the new Afghan banknotes.
“In this way, people of the country are informed and assured that the central bank of Afghanistan has achieved significant progress in printing Afghani banknotes according to the plan, and the stages of the arrival of these banknotes to the country will begin as per the policy,” the press release stated.
The sources said that the new bank notes were issued on the basis of reasonable monetary policies of the country, economic growth and the need for money in the market, the press release said, adding that the old banknotes would be collected from the market through a systematic method and strategy.
The central bank of Afghanistan demanded of the citizens to keep in view the professional treatment for the protection of the new banknotes in the length of deals, and ensure that the new banknotes did not become old soon, and fulfill their responsibility to protect the national investment.
This comes amid of increased demands of newly printed Afghan banknotes in the country’s markets as the current banknotes using in markets have been almost out of use because of old and mutilated banknotes.
A number of Afghan experts believe that printing of new Afghan banknotes is a good achievement of the Islamic Emirate as most of the current banknotes have been worn-out and people are facing with problems in businesses in the country.
“If the newly printed Afghan banknotes reach to Afghanistan soon, it will be a good step,” said Ahmadullah Aziz, a university lecturer. He asked the people to protect the newly printed banknotes as it’s considered as the identity of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, head of Da Afghanistan Bank Abdul Qahir Idriss in a meeting with head of the Indian technical mission in Kabul has said that central bank of Afghanistan is committed to good banking relations with all countries of the world so that facilities are made in banking sector in national and international level.
In the meeting, the Indian technical mission director has assured the central bank of Afghanistan of India’s continued cooperation and technical support to the bank in banking sector. Both sides stressed on cooperation between the banking sectors of both countries and said that cooperation in the technical sector could be useful in the banking sector.

Samiullah Momand

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