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Afghanistan to fully benefit from regional, introduce rail lines

As a consuming and importing country, Afghanistan can get several benefits from railway lines. The first advantage of using railway lines for Afghanistan is that this country can have multiple access to products of neighboring countries. Also, the use of railway lines to transport goods, which is done at a cheaper cost, has led to a decrease in the prices of goods exported from neighboring countries to Afghanistan, and they are available to the people of Afghanistan at a cheaper price. Another benefit of using railway lines is that the heavy traffic that exists on the roads of the ports due to the traffic of cars with heavy loads is significantly reduced. Another advantage is the use of railway lines for passengers. At present, the movement of passengers between Afghanistan and neighboring countries, especially Iran, is carried out from the road port, which is cumbersome and time-consuming. Utilizing the Khawaf-Herat railway line that has the capacity to carry one million passengers per year will reduce traffic, and travel costs and will improve passengers’ comfort. Another advantage of extending railway lines for Afghanistan is that it will be connected to the railway networks of neighboring countries. For example, Afghanistan is connected to the Mashhad-Zahedan-Chabahar railway through the Khawf-Herat railway. Afghanistan can also be easily connected to Iran’s seaports in the Caspian Sea through this line. On a larger scale, Afghanistan is connected to the Turkish railway network and through it to the European continental railway network in a very short way through the Iranian railway network. On the Central Asian side, Afghanistan is practically connected to the national network of Central Asian and Russian railways through the railways of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Obviously, Afghanistan is connected to China through the Uzbekistan railway line, and cargo transfers are actually carried out through this route. On the other hand, Afghanistan can develop the Lazord route through the railway of Turkmenistan, and experimental transfers from Afghanistan to Europe have also been made from this route. On a bilateral scale, the importance of railways for Afghanistan and neighboring countries has many benefits, which are addressed in several cases. One of the mutual advantages of using railways is the reduction of transportation costs. First of all, one of the basic factors that has a positive effect on the prosperity of bilateral trade between countries is low transportation costs. Previously, when Afghanistan and neighboring countries were only transporting by roads, the cost of transporting goods added an additional price to commercial goods and thus reduced the purchasing power of the customers at the destination. On the contrary, by using the railway transportation system, the cost of transporting goods is much lower compared to road transportation, and the goods could be available to the consumer at a cheaper rate. The use of railways also reduces the time of transfers and movement of goods. Since in the rail system, the goods are loaded from the destination in large volumes and at one time and are loaded or unloaded by traveling a non-stop route at the destination, it takes less time. This advantage, in addition to providing more security for the transfer of goods, increases the level of trade exchanges between the two countries on a large scale by transferring more goods in less time. Another advantage is the reduction of pressure and congestion in the customs offices of Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Currently, the stoppage and accumulation of cargo vehicles to go through customs procedures has created a lot of congestion in the customs offices and the goods are stopped in the customs offices for a longer period of time. In addition to the waste of time, it has a negative effect on consumable items with a low expiration date, especially food items, some food items may spoil as a result of a long stop, which naturally, these problems will be solved if railway lines are used. By: CSRS

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.