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Afghanistan tired of vicious neighbor

The skirt of insecurity keeps widening in Pakistan, where the failure of the neighboring country’s security forces to crack down on internal insurgency, could be counted as the main reason. But, Pakistan keeps falsely accusing Afghanistan of having a hand in the ongoing activities of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in some parts of its soil, roughly border areas. The intelligence network of the neighboring country with wrong calculation and estimation has repeatedly blamed Afghanistan for harboring Pakistani insurgents and sending them to attack certain targets inside its territory. Recently, Asif Ali Durrani, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, made a false claim that five to six thousand members of the TTP are sheltered in Afghanistan and according to Pakistani media reports, he accused India of supporting the TTP in Afghanistan territory, while the insurgents have wide areas of activities, safe hideouts and secure training places inside Pakistani territory. Pakistani failed security forces even bombed some border regions of Afghanistan with the fresh ones the launch of multiple airstrikes in Khost and Paktika provinces’ border areas, a move against all norms of the neighborhood. However, the brave security forces of the Islamic Emirate launched a counterattack, destroying several outposts and pushing back Pak militants from the conflicted areas. The attack was strongly condemned by the Islamic Emirate and called a clear violation of neighborhood standards. Also, the Islamic Emirate denied the claims made by Pakistan’s special representative to Afghanistan regarding the presence of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants in the country. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, on Sunday said that Afghan soil is not allowed to be used against other countries, including Pakistan. “We reject the presence of foreign groups in Afghanistan and they are not allowed to operate on Afghan soil. We have made our utmost effort and continue to do so; but one thing we must accept is that Afghanistan shares a very long border area with Pakistan, and there are mountainous areas with rugged terrain and forests and places that might be out of our control,” Mujahid said. Pakistan, if is sure and have evidence about TTP presence in Afghanistan, should discuss its concerns about the presence of TTP militants in Afghanistan via diplomatic channels with the Islamic Emirate. Also, Pakistan’s excuses that India is strengthening anti-Pakistani militants through Afghanistan should provide their evidence and both side do their best to address any disputes peacefully instead of violating borders and bombing and killing innocent civilians.

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Najibullah Ashraf Mojaddidi March 19, 2024 at 10:17 pm

Pakistan MAY have a point. There are a lot of Indian RAW assets in Afghanistan that includes Karzia/Abdullah and the whole northern alliance drug mafia. No war should be started with Pakistan even though they are part of the British commonwealth

At the same time USA is going to start a war with Iran and will try to bring Shah’s kids back to power. They may also have the same plan for Afghanistan

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