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Afghanistan -Tajikistan trade exchange reaches $40 million

Trade between Afghanistan and Tajikistan has increased and reached $40 million during the first three months of the current year, Tajik officials said.
The Customs Service Department of Tajikistan said that in the first three months of the current year, its exports to Afghanistan have reached to $40 million.
The estimate shows an increase of about $6 million comparing the last year in 2021, according to the officials.
Tajikistan exports most of its cement, coal and agricultural products to Afghanistan.
Though, after the return of the Islamic Emirate to Afghanistan, relation between the two countries are not good, but, Tajikistan has not stopped exporting electricity to Afghanistan.
During the first half of this year, Tajikistan has exported electricity worth $30 million to Afghanistan.
Around 9 million kilowatts of electricity are exported from Tajikistan to Afghanistan every day.
Officials of Tajik Power Company have also stated that Da Afghanistan’s Breshna Sherkat has paid part of the price of the electricity, it received.
At the beginning of this year, director of Tajikistan power company said that the debt of the Breshna Company from the Tajikistan Electricity Company has reached $33 million dollars.
At the same time, experts in economic affairs believe that in the current condition, securing good business relations between Afghanistan and its neighbors was of particular importance.
The increase in commercial and economic exchanges means securing other interactions, including political and even security issues between the two countries.
The world largest economic countries such as China, Germany and India have taken the lead in this field and the largest trade exchanges of these countries are with their neighbors.
Afghanistan and Tajikistan are two neighboring countries and the type of relations and the level of cooperation between these two sides can be discussed and investigated from different aspects.
The level of economic and commercial cooperation between Afghanistan and Tajikistan in recent years has witnessed opportunities and challenges, and one of the most important points is how and with which solutions the challenges could be turned into opportunities.
At the same time, the Islamic Emirate is trying to facilitate trade routes for investors.
The consecutive meetings of the officials of the Islamic Emirate with the neighboring countries of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are good examples of business opportunities for them.
The authorities of the Islamic Emirate are also trying to strengthen the economy of Afghanistan.
According to experts, time has now reached for Afghanistan and its neighboring countries to share trade with each other more than in the past, because Afghanistan, which has come out of a long war, needs to pave the way for investment and draw the attention of investors.
It should be noted that Afghanistan’s trade and economic relations have always been in a balanced and appropriate state, and unlike other neighbors, Tajikistan has never tried to create problems in trade and transit with Afghanistan, and Afghanistan has always tried to be a good economic partner for Tajikistan.
The two countries have in fact, entered a better stage of commercial activities, since the building a bridge over the Amu River connecting the two nations.
Several major energy transmissions and commercial projects have so far been signed between the two sides. Major projects such as CASA-1000, expected to lay a good benefit for the two nations, and countries, are under construction.
Security is one of the most important issues for investment in Afghanistan, a goal, the people have now reached today.
Investors from the world and regional countries can now come and invest in Afghanistan.
Tajikistan is the first northern neighboring country of Afghanistan that wants to increase its trade with Afghanistan, although the country has not yet recognized the government of the Islamic Emirate.
The Islamic Emirate is hoped to be recognized worldwide and the people of Afghanistan are hopeful for securing a purposeful and good future with all world and regional nations including its neighbors, most importantly Tajikistan with long shared borders with the country.

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