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Afghanistan strengthens its security instead of blaming others

The neighboring country of Pakistan has frequently made baseless claims against Afghanistan that it was behind growing insurgency and insecurity in that country. The claim is not only far from the fact but is also a kind of the Pakistani officials’ avoidance of its responsibility before their nation. Once again Pakistani officials claimed that Afghanistan was involved in terrorist attacks in some parts of their country, while, they have no evidence to prove it. The Islamic Emirate strongly rejected the claim and called it a mere accusation against the Islamic Emirate which is only thinking and working for the development of the country and prosperity of its nation. Afghanistan, under the Islamic system, has to do its best to mend the wounds of the last long years of its war-affected nation instead of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries or being involved in the insecurity of other nations. But this is a failure of the Pakistani officials who are regularly avoiding their responsibility before their nation and instead of paying serious attention to its people’s security blame others. This is also a fact that the incompetent security forces of Pakistan are only busy torturing Afghan refugees and have no time to suppress anti-government militants and ensure the security of their people inside their country. They should blame themselves for their own failure. As the Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said recently, Pakistan should manage its security situation seriously and find a solution for growing security challenges inside their own territory as Afghanistan never wants war in any other country, especially in its neighbors and the country’s soil will never be used against other countries. This is a mere allegation against Afghanistan as the country has newly come out of a long war and it does not want to fuel instability and threaten the security of other nations. On the other side, it’s completely clear and the Afghan officials have full evidences that scores of Pakistani members of IS have so far been killed and many others arrested in Afghanistan, but the Islamic Emirate didn’t blame Pakistan for training, harboring and sending anti-security elements to Afghanistan and instead, fought any kinds of militancy and ensured the security of its nation. This should also be noted that currently, Afghanistan has no enough forces to send to other countries to take their security. So, we have to work hard for the national interest of our people through ensuring the security and development of our economy as well as strengthening good mutual relations with our neighbors rather than spending time for blaming each other.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.