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Afghanistan still suffering former Soviet Union invasion’s subversive aftermath

Millions of Afghans were either been killed, wounded or sought refuge to other countries, after the brutal invasion of the country by former Soviet Union forces over the last more than four decades.
The long years of bloody war left millions more Afghans disable as the invasion was indiscriminately conducted against the innocent Muslim people.
Most of the externally displaced Afghans sought refuge in Pakistan and in Iran, where the destituteness still continues.
The long protracted armed conflict happened in the country, when the then Afghan puppet regimes welcomed thousands of Russian troops storming into the country.
Most of the combat operations took place against the Mujahidin in countryside, as the country’s urbanized areas were entirely under the Soviet forces’ control, since the start of the occupation.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), in a statement released on Tuesday, condemned the invasion which damaged our country.
“43 years from today, on Jadi 6th 1358 [conceding 1979], the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan by sending thousands of forces into the country,” the statement read.
The invasion damaged our country everywhere, forced millions of Afghans to leave the country and become martyrs and disabled, the statement released by the Islamic Emirate added.
During the ten-year-long occupation, that followed great atrocities in every field, forced millions of Afghans to emigrate from the country and become martyrs and disabled, the IEA’s statement further condemned with abhorrence.
But the courageous Muslim nation of our country fought bravely
against the invaders as they did during three consecutive Afghan Anglo wars. The country’s anti-occupation uprisings resulted in full and shameful defeat of the former Red Army in the country.
They left the country after leaving behind damages, ruins, distractions and millions of widows and orphans in the country.
In fact, there was no comparison between the barefooted Afghans who have only been armed with strong faith in their holy religion and belief in the freedom of their country on one side and the former Red Army equipped with the then-era’s modern and sophisticated weapons, on the other.
Afghanistan, hereinafter, faced harsh and intense internal challenges, in which, the intervention and hands of the aliens are undeniable.
The invasion not only destroyed our country and all of our economic infrastructures, but also paved the way for wide intervention of some certain intelligence networks.
The Afghan nation should remain strong and firm against any plots and conspiracies and do their best to fight for their freedom and their Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.