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Afghanistan stepping up toward economic self-sufficiency

After the Islamic Emirate takeover, the country took on a new hue, and hopes were rekindled, and the government leaders started serving the nation. Our country, amidst an abundance of dormant resources, still untouched, has acquired a fresh outlook. Unfortunately, our people are considered the poorest in the world, with over 50% living below the poverty line. Foreign-imposed governments over the past 20 years not only failed to address the needs of the people but also destroyed the economic foundations of the country, benefitting only their cronies and masters. Over two decades, billions of dollars were poured into Afghanistan, with global aid efforts overlapping, yet, despite all, minimal progress was made, leaving the country largely untouched and many Afghans without purposeful aid.” Every passing day lifts the veil on their betrayal, theft, and plunder, earning more disdain from our country’s people. However, in these two years that have passed, Afghanistan has taken on a new figure. We witness daily efforts to rebuild its ruins, with each brick symbolizing prosperity. The efforts and dedication of Mawlavi Mullah Abdul Ghani Brother in the country’s economic growth are highly commendable. His consistent endeavors have become a source of pride and celebration for the nation. From the inauguration of the Qosh Tepa Canal to the reconstruction of various roads across the country, the unwavering determination of the Islamic Emirate and its leaders towards the people reflects their commitment and strong will for the prosperity of the country. The Islamic Emirate has achieved remarkable successes in the economic sector, notably the Qosh Tepa Canal. This canal, which had plans flowing through it for over half a century, remained unopened and practically dormant as no one succeeded in inaugurating and commencing the work on this significant and vital project. However, the Islamic Emirate opened this significant project. In addition, the signing of the Amu Basin oil contract is another economic achievement of the Islamic Emirate, paving the way for economic self-sufficiency in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has been able to bring the entire geography of Afghanistan under control and provide security across all regions of the country. Before the rule of the Islamic Emirate, security was hardly seen throughout the country, and people were losing their lives for a mobile phone or even a hundred Afghanis. However, the Islamic Emirate managed to uproot these insecurities and create a safe and secure environment for the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.