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Afghanistan stands against all occupation as Russian invasion failure highlighted

Thirty-four years ago on this day, former Soviet Union troops left Afghanistan, as the Mujahid people of Afghanistan fought against them until the last breath of their lives. However, the war in the country did not end. Tens of thousands of Mujahidin were martyred, tens of thousands wounded and more than five million others left their homes and sought refuge in foreign countries. All miseries, the destitute people of Afghanistan faced during Jihad on the former Red Army invaders and are still facing, come from foreign interference which still continues and want the Muslim people once again to face unrest and turmoil and find no way to advance and help their country develop. The last twenty years of the so-called republic systems which had done nothing for the Afghans except looting public property and expanding and institutionalizing administrative and moral corruptions are only the negative results of foreign interference, particularly from the U.S., UK and other of their allies. They were not and will never be in favor of a stable and prosperous Afghanistan and this is why they are still keeping their meddling continue in the internal affairs of our country. Russian politicians, after their military intervention defeat, found that fighting for their own interest in Afghanistan is impossible and not in their interest, as they would lose more lives and be defamed worldwide. Because, the Mujahid nation of Afghanistan are not ready to bend to foreigners and are not ready to allow aliens to occupy their country. On the other, after the shameful defeat of Russian forces, the ground was paved for the Western countries to meddle in our country’s internal affairs. They, even, didn’t suffice their political interferences and propaganda and arranged forces for attack under the pretext of combating al-Qaeda mutants hidden in Afghanistan. But, finally faced harsh defeat by the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and left the country shamefully. All these military and political interventions and interferences failed to suppress the Afghans or their satanic plots to convert the public mind of our brave nation. However, the negative consequences still continue, the Mujahid people of the country will not remain silent and do their best to defend their territorial integrity and national sovereignty. So, taking lesson from the last long failed foreign conspiracies, the international community should come out honestly cooperating with both the Islamic Emirate and the Muslim people of Afghanistan and the United Nations, under its legitimate and approved laws, should join hands with the current incumbent system to overcome all challenges ahead which finally leads to the recognition of the Islamic Emirate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.