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Afghanistan situation during 2022

A few days ago, the 22nd year of the Christian 21st century ended. Western media, experts and commentators who are against the Islamic systems have considered the year 2022 as a year full of problems and sufferings for the people of Afghanistan.
Without pointing the positive aspects of the past year’s achievements, they only elaborated about negative aspects, ignore the facts and causes of the existing problems in the ground and put responsibilities of everything on the shoulder of the Islamic Emirate.
Nevertheless, the reality is that Afghanistan made considerable progress despite all existing problems during the past year. For example, the biggest progress of the country was the maintenance of overall security across the country, while at least 300 Afghans were killed on daily basis for nothing during the years Afghanistan was under invasion.
After decades of continued war, Afghanistan have now enjoyed peace and prosperity in their country. Last year, there were no night raids and air strikes by foreign forces on the homes of Afghans. The military equipment and vehicles of the former government army were not used against their people but they were used for maintaining security and providing them with humanitarian assistance.
During the past year, corruption has been prevented in government institutions and the collecting process of revenue in customs and other government institutions has been transparent as we saw the national budget for the fiscal year of 1401 was prepared from the domestic revenue.
Corruption was prevented to a large extent in government institutions, with which the process of revenue collection in customs and other institutions became transparent and we saw that the domestic revenue budget for the year 1401 was prepared.
More works were followed in connection with the reduction in drug trafficking and poppy cultivation. Moreover, thousands of drug-addicts have been treated and more than 20,000 street beggars have been rounded up from Kabul streets during the past year.
Work on the country’s largest project ‘Qush Tepa Canal’ has been started as the first phase of the construction work on the canal has been completed. With the completion of the project, Afghanistan will reach self-sufficiency in the production of foodstuffs and keep the value of Afghan currency.
Also, continued progress in engagement with the world has been made in the past one year as foreign embassies to Kabul and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) office are operating in Kabul. Besides, Afghanistan embassies to a number of the world countries are operating, the IEA leaders pay official visits to foreign countries and foreign diplomats and representatives visit Kabul.
This does not mean that there are no more problems in Afghanistan and the government officials are no longer responsible. To find employment for the people, create a safe environment to education for all Afghans, and to have a positive engagement with the international community are a range of responsibilities of the authorities to timely fulfill.
Of course, the causes of the existing problems in terms of economy, political engagement and recognition go to the international community, especially the United States and European countries that have frozen Afghanistan’s foreign reserves, imposed economic sanctions, and make excuses for recognition.
To summarize, Afghanistan was facing with problems and had opportunities last year. Lots of progress was made in many areas, including security and stability, but there were also some problems and challenges and the Islamic Emirate (IEA) and the international community have their own responsibilities to address the problems in the ground.
Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.