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Afghanistan seeking political solution to Kazakh unrests

Almost after three decades of independence, since the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, for the first time, is engulfed in the worst street protests, which reportedly killed dozens and wounded as many.
Some government buildings were set ablaze, after angry protesters took to the streets in southeastern oil town of Zhanaozen allegedly over sharp rise in gas prices. The protests quickly spread countrywide including Nur-Sultan and Almaty, the country’s economic capital.
Violent incidents took place in the country, after thousands of protesters stormed government buildings and set them on fire. Scores, including security personnel and protesters have been reportedly killed and hundreds wounded, after the protesters and the police officials clashed with each other.
The entire government was dismissed, state of emergency declared in several areas and the capital Almaty was announced with nighttime curfew in the country, one of the five Central Asian republics with by
far largest and wealthiest country.

Since Kazakhstan is one of the key economic allies of Afghanistan, the IEA has the right to be concerned by any abnormalities or political development therein. No matter what is the reason behind the violent protests, as this is an internal issue of that country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has time and again announced it was not intended to middle in other countries’ internal affairs nor allow others to interfere in its internal affairs.
Moreover, the Kazakh leadership can overcome any of its internal issues with wise plan. But for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, this is the most important that how the Central Asian country with rich
natural gas, uranium and precious metals, can affect the normality of friendship and economic relation with Afghanistan.
Afghanistan terms political stability vital for economic prosperity of the Kazakh nation and its positive impact on the current economic situation of the Afghan people.
The country’s ministry of foreign affairs has expressed deep concern over the recent turmoil and violent incidents, with the spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi saying: “Afghan government was closely monitoring situation in Kazakhstan and was deeply concerned over recent political turmoil and incidents of violence in the neighboring country and a trade-partner.”
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan urges both the Kazakh government and the protesters to resolve their issues through talks and help peace and stability return in the peace-loving nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.