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Afghanistan seeking good relations beyond trade with neighbors

A Pakistani delegation arrived in Kabul on Monday this week, to discuss some key issues on trade and transit with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate.
The three-day visit mainly focused on facilitating trade, transit and barter trade between the two countries.
Earlier, the acting Minister of Commerce and Industry of the Islamic Emirate, Nooruddin Azizi said that Kabul was in talks with the Pakistani delegation to sign an agreement to facilitate much of trade issues, including coal exports and barter trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Both sides talked on barter and coal export, which are serious issues for the Afghan traders.
According to Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Investment, Pakistan is trying to expand its trade with Afghanistan and that there were some technical problems in Waga, Karachi, Gulam Khan, Torkham and Spin Buldak borders which create hurdles against trade.
Anyway, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to tighten trade relations with all neighboring countries, particularly with Pakistan, which has long shared borders and common cultural and religious commonalities with Afghanistan.
The people of Afghanistan welcome the trade visit of the immediate neighbor’s delegation to Kabul and their honest cooperation in facilitating trade of all types with our businesspeople.
We don’t see, if there is barter trade or coal exports between the two countries, but we people of Afghanistan who have suffered long proxy wars, want to see both countries of common religion and culture supporter of each other’s interests and work honestly for the improvement of relations between the two nations.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has frequently said it wanted to have good relations with the world countries, particularly with Pakistan, Iran and other neighboring and regional countries.
The IEA will never interfere in other countries’ affairs nor allows others to interfere in its internal affairs. This is the best way, under which, good relations with the entire world countries can be ensured. We want development and improvement in all affairs and communications with our neighbors not just one trade, transit and or economic issues. We hope our country develop based on mutual interests with our neighbors, particularly, Pakistan as our most important neighbor.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.