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Afghanistan receives fresh batch of cash aids

The Central Bank of Afghanistan ‘Da Afghanistan Bank’ has informed that as part of the continued humanitarian assistance from the international community to Afghanistan, another cash package containing $40 million arrived in Kabul on Tuesday.
The aid shipment, which arrived in Kabul, was placed at one of the commercial banks, while a shipment totaling $40 million was handed to a commercial bank in Kabul days ago.
The total value of these humanitarian packages delivered to Afghanistan in the last few months surpasses $1 billion 33 million dollars.
To establish a strong foundation for effective engagement with other states in the region and around the world, the Central Bank of the country’s administration has urged that banking relations with Afghanistan be made easier.
The central bank reiterated its gratitude to the international community for its generous financial assistance, asking for continued cash assistance to Afghanistan.
Deputy Minister of Economy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has said that the cash assistance has mostly been spent in the country’s infrastructures, praising the international community for their continued assistance to the people of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan’s foreign reserves were frozen and its access to international banks was restricted after the IEA take power. The national currency of Afghanistan experienced a rapid decrease in value as a result of this limitation, which created a liquidity cash flow crisis.
The Central Bank or Da Afghanistan Bank, on the other hand, held auctions in late July to sell millions of dollars to retain the Afghani currency’s purchasing power relative to the U.S. dollar.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.