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Afghanistan reacts over Pakistan’s continued support to Taliban

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in reaction to recent remarks of Pakistan foreign affairs minister Shah Mehmoud Qureishi has said the country has full influence on the Taliban group.
A spokesperson to Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs says the Taliban group is under full influence of the Pakistan government; for example, Afghanistan negotiating team returned from Qatar to home country to consult with Afghans, while the Taliban negotiating team traveled to Pakistan months ago.
In reaction to Shah Mehmoud Qureishi’s recent remarks saying that Taliban leaders are not in Pakistan, the MoFA spokesperson said that Pakistan somehow have complete influence on the Taliban group.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan believes that Pakistan honestly cooperation and the country’s commitment can help accelerate Afghanistan peace process.
We do believe that Pakistan has full influence on Taliban and can convince the group to talk with Afghanistan government,” said Gran Hewad, spokesperson of Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his interview with Der Spiegel had said that US had a small part in Afghanistan peace, while the issue and peace and war was on the hand of Pakistan.
With invitation of the Taliban negotiating team to Islamabad, Pakistan wanted to show it does not any hand in equipping and funding terrorism.
The country succeeded to get some international legitimation for the Taliban group. Some neighboring and regional countries particularly Pakistan have been somehow monitoring the continued crisis in Afghanistan for the past four decades, while they do not have any productive program for peace and stability in the country.
But, now it seems that Pakistan is seeking to choose another way for continued crisis and dispute in Afghanistan. Giving legitimacy to the Taliban group and on other hand, strengthening terrorist groups can help expedite this destructive process.
It is worth mentioning that more than 200,000 terrorist and fighters from various countries of the world have been trained in terrorist training centers in Pakistan for the past 40 years as most leaders of the terrorist groups are benefiting from safe homes provided by the country’s ISI. Currently, Pakistan is hosting all leaders of the Taliban group, while the country has committed to do more in counter terrorism effort.
In consideration to role and relations of Pakistan with terrorist groups such as Taliban and Haqqani network, Pakistan has particular position in providing safe havens for terrorist groups particularly the Taliban. It is time now for Pakistan, accused of supporting terrorist groups, to show its honesty in fighting on terror.
Pakistan should measure its options with full precision because if Afghanistan enters to another war, the country should wait its negative economic impacts. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan was included in list of countries supporting terrorist groups from 2012 – 2015, but it was removed from the list since.


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