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Afghanistan reached self-sufficiency in production of over 50 types of materials, agency

KABUL: The country’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce officials said that at present, Afghanistan has reached self-sufficiency in the production of more than 50 types of materials, Bakhtar News Agency reported the other day.
Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce Nooruddin Azizi, in a video message regarding the Use of “domestic products” says that with the efforts of the private sector and the cooperation of the Islamic Emirate, the country has become self-sufficient in the production of more than 50 items of edible, medical and industrial materials, which is a great achievement.
Azizi added that his led ministry, in order to support and strengthen domestic production as much as possible and achieve economic independence, raised the issue of the use of products to one of the IEA cabinet meetings, which was approved, as well as a number of other ministries were appointed for cooperation.
He asks the Islamic Emirate-related organs, officials and citizens of the country to give priority to the purchase of domestic goods and products.
“The use of domestic products improves the economic situation, and causes financial circulation, reduces poverty and unemployment, and finally consolidate security and stability in the country,” the agency quoted him as saying.
The Acting Minister assures that the authorities of the Islamic Emirate will monitor the process and quality of production in the country in a severe and serious manner.
It is worth mentioning that by using domestic products, the country’s domestic industry is strengthened, job opportunities are provided and foreign exchange is prevented from leaving the country. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.