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Afghanistan pottery industry fading

Afghan pottery has a deep root and connection to the history of Afghanistan. Istalif district in Kabul’s north is famous for its pottery industry. Although the use of mud dishes among Afghan citizens has long faded, some of the talented individuals in Kolali area of Istalif district in Kabul has kept the art alive.
Besides, Mirbacha Kot district, located in Kabul’s north, is also known as the main place for selling amazing pots made of clay and a home of the pottery industry.
According to venders of pots, pottery industry had good markets after the year 2,000, but the industry has now faded due to increasing imports of antique pots from neighboring countries. They say if the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) supports their pottery industry, they will keep open the door of their pottery industry inside and outside the country.
“I keep open the pottery industry all four seasons of the year. I sell 29 types of the pots made of clay. The demand for purchasing various pots is different,” Kaka Lali said, adding that the pottery industry has recently improved due to better security.
Most of purchasing are local Afghan citizens, but foreigners and tourists sometimes visit to various markets where clay-made pots are sold.
Haji Murad, who has come to Mirbacha Kot to buy some clay-made pots, believe that with purchasing domestic products we they can help develop domestic industries.
“If we buy home-made or domestic products, we can help our people improve their products in the country,” Haji Murad said.
Pottery, beside skills, requires equipment to form a usually kitchen utensils; made from balls of clay into which fingers or thumbs are inserted to make the opening, then may have become a good-looking pot or similar stuff. And yet, these pots are to be heated at low temperatures after being painted in various colors.
Traditional Afghan pottery is well known in the village of Istalif for over 1,400 years, using the same traditional methods. Its craftsmen believe that pottery came to life in Afghanistan with Alexander the Great, thought their techniques have changed little since then.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.