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Afghanistan population estimated at 33.6 million in Solar Year 1400

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) announced Tuesday that it estimates the country’s population for this solar year (1400) to be 33.6 million, of which 17.1 million (51%) are male and 16.5 million (49%) female.

NSIA stated that of the 33.6 million, 23.8 million (70.8%) live in rural areas and 8.3 million (24.7%) in urban areas. NSIA also said that 1.5 million (4.5%) are nomads. This is an increase from 32.9 million last year.

The population of the country is estimated by administrative, urban, rural and gender units, which includes 34 provinces; including 364 main districts, 24 temporary districts and 34 provincial capitals, NSIA stated.

The authority says that the publication of the population estimate for 1400 shows the country’s population status and provides easy access to population information to national and international institutions to build policies and programs and for decision-making purposes.

In March, the NSIA said Afghanistan’s population has grown by 57 percent in the last two decades, from 13.8 million.

According to NSIA, in 1399 (2020), Afghanistan’s population was around 32.9 million while in 1380 (2001), Afghanistan had only 19.9 million people.

Statistics by international organizations show that if Afghanistan’s population growth rate increases at the same pace, by 2050 the country will have a population of 64 million.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.