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Afghanistan pivot of regional stability

For almost four decades, Afghans have suffered wars, insecurity and migration. During this period, it has given nearly two million martyrs, the same number of wounded, many families have become homeless and the country has been far behind in development. So, the country has many bitter memories of wars and insecurity as there is no family which has not lost a member during wars and invasions; even today, thousands of Afghans are living as refugees in neighboring countries and other countries of the world due to the long wars. For the past three years, with the blessings of the great sacrifices of the Afghan mujahid nation, such a powerful Islamic system has been ruled countrywide. Fortunately, with the establishment of the Islamic system, global security has been ensured and security and happiness have taken the place of insecurity and discomfort. This is to be noted that the current sure security in Afghanistan is not only in the interest of Afghans, but also in the interest of the regional and world countries. However, some regional and international intelligence organizations are trying to misrepresent the current situation in Afghanistan and blame us for their failure and incompetence on their soil, but, some regional countries and organizations make false claims as if the territory of Afghanistan is being used against them, and blame the Islamic Emirate for not fulfilling the promises made in the Doha Agreement. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly rejected such claims and has insisted that it has stood by its promise and does not allow anyone to use its territory against others and at the same time, also insists that the world and regional countries should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and that if they have any concerns or legitimate requests, they can share with the Islamic Emirate through official and diplomatic channels. Since its resumption of power, the Islamic Emirate has demanded positive relations and interaction with the world and the region based on mutual respect and has chosen a balanced policy with them. The Islamic Emirate never wants Afghanistan to once again become a ground for war and rivalries, but has repeatedly and clearly said that it wants Afghanistan to play a role in the implementation of international trade and transit, as well as major and vital projects. The international community and regional countries should also support Afghanistan’s current security and evaluate it as a golden opportunity in taking advantage of the country’s geographical location for the strengthening and reform of the economy. Now the world and especially the countries of the region have understood that they should establish political and economic relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, with a good example, the last step of Kazakhstan to remove the Islamic Emirate from the list of banned groups and also the latest statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia showing a positive change in the policy and strategy of the countries of the world and the region regarding the Islamic Emirate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.