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Afghanistan peace efforts to be assessed in Geneva Conference

Officials for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) say Afghanistan peace efforts will be reviewed in Geneva Ministerial Conference determined to be held on November 27 – 28, 2018.
In a meeting held Monday in Kabul for preparations regarding the conference, Secretary – General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) Tadamichi Yamamoto said Afghanistan government and the international community have made lots of efforts towards maintaining peace and stability in the country and it was determined that these efforts were going to be assessed in Geneva Ministerial Conference to be held in near future.
“In the conference, a particular discussion will be held regarding Afghanistan peace and will be the first ever discussion, but it won’t be a long discussion,” Yamamoto added.
After Kabul Process Conference, the Geneva Ministerial Conference will be another opportunity for the assessment of peace efforts made by Afghanistan government and the international community.
Meanwhile, officials to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) say the Geneva Conference is an opportunity to coordinate national, international and regional efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan.
A number of Afghan political experts believe that representatives of the world countries will renew their commitments to peace and development of Afghanistan.
“I think holding international and regional meetings on Afghanistan can be very important for our country as the issue of Afghanistan is now the issue of the region and world; therefore, Afghanistan government should make use of the opportunity and share problems and challenges facing Afghanistan with the world,” said Aminzoy, an Afghan political expert.
He added that various national and international conferences on Afghanistan peace have been held during the past 17 years, but unfortunately the country was still facing with increasing war and violence.
Pointing to why such regional and world conferences do not have practical perspectives for maintaining peace and stability in the country, Aminzoy said the only conference that has been effective in the long-term for the people of Afghanistan was the Tokyo meeting, which had good results, but now meetings could give positive results for Afghanistan when practical steps were taken in the short and long-term.
“Mechanisms that can be effective for future Afghanistan and maintaining lasting peace in the country are political determination in the government, implementation of world commitments to Afghanistan, agreement with civil society organizations and the people and stopping any types of tribal, language and ethnic discriminations in the country,” Aminzoy added.
It is worth mentioning that the goal of the Geneva Ministerial Conference is to show the solidarity of the international community with the Afghan people and the government in their efforts for peace and prosperity; and for the Afghan government to renew its commitment to development and reform. This is a crucial moment for the government and international community to demonstrate progress and commitment, and maintain the momentum for elections and opportunities for peace.
Suraya Raiszada

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