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Afghanistan pays electricity price to Tajikistan gradually, officials

The Afghan government has paid 33 million Dollar for the electricity transmission of Tajikistan, Mohammad Omar Asozada, Head of the Electricity Company of Tajikistan, said in a press conference late on last week.
Tajikistan currently exports 9 million kilowatts of electricity to Afghanistan per hour, he said. He did not make clear the amount of the electricity debt, but said that the Afghanistan electricity company (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat) will be pay its debts gradually.
In January of this year, Head of Tajikistan’s National Electricity Company announced that Afghanistan owes $33 million to his country for importing electricity.
Meantime, the Afghanistan Electricity Company (the country’s Breshna Sherkat) assured to pay its electricity debt to Tajikistan in February this year.
According to reports, Tajikistan exported electricity to Afghanistan at a total cost of 56.3 million dollars last year, as Afghanistan is in serious need of imported electricity from Tajikistan.
At the beginning of 2021, the electricity company of the former government had signed an agreement with the electricity company of Tajikistan, based on which Tajikistan agreed to export one and a half billion kilowatts of electricity to Afghanistan.
Tajikistan exports 110 kilowatts of electricity to Afghanistan at the rate of half a cent per kilowatt hour through the transmission lines between the two countries.
According to the agreement signed between Tajikistan and power companies, under the government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Tajikistan will export up to 400 megawatts of electricity to Afghanistan from May to September, this year.
The electricity company of Tajikistan has said that the recent agreement between the electricity companies of this country and Afghanistan was made as a result of two days of negotiations, and the Islamic Emirate has pledged that it will ensure security of projects and power lines.
Despite the fact that during both the previous and current governments, electricity pylons have repeatedly been destroyed and blown up by unknown malicious groups.
Tajikistan, which has the ability to produce hydroelectricity, has said that in 2021, it has exported $56 million and 300 thousand worth of electricity to Afghanistan.
Under the previous government, the country’s main power supply company (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat) has always been dissatisfied with the high ranking officials for not paying their electricity bills and they did not pay the debts of this company for several months. Saida Ahmadi

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