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Afghanistan, Pakistan share common pros and cons

It’s reported that at least 20 people were killed in a bomb attack in Orakzai tribal area in the north-west of Pakistan on Friday. Separately, three gunmen attacked the Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s city of Karachi on the same day, killing two police-men, while Chinese officials said none of their citizens were injured.
Meanwhile, a suicide bomber detonated explosive, killing 55 people, during Muslim celebration marking the Prophet’s birthday on Tuesday in Kabul. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but both the Taliban and affiliates of the so-called Islamic State have targeted religious scholars in the past.
Both Afghanistan and Pakistan have time and again blamed each other for carrying deadly attacks. Afghan government has asked Pakistan several times to shun terrorists’ safe havens and take steps against them.
Taking military action against the terrorists will be a positive step for dismantling warring factions or weakening their networks rather than pointing the finger at other countries. The operations should be carried out without dividing the terrorists into the good and bad. It is believed that Pakistan’sZarb-e-Azb failed to bear the desired result since warring factions are still able to carry out large-scale attacks inside Pakistan and even Afghanistan.
It must be noted that the thick smoke of fire and explosion in Afghanistan will harm Pakistan’s eye too – neighbors do have common pros and cons. Hence, it is hoped that Pakistan officials to fulfill their commitments and prove their sincere intention regarding the war-weary Afghans.
This year was a bloody year for Afghanistan, where the insurgents targeted people even inside the holy places, but Pakistan did not remain immune to terrorist attacks and suicide bombings as well.
To get rid of the terrorism and in order to work for peace, both the Afghan government and Pakistan need to work together to maintain undisrupted warm relations. Only through robust relations between the two countries, they can prevent unexpected disruptions in the efforts to revive the peace talks and start negotiations with the insurgents. 
In a nutshell, since both the countries are embroiled in militancy, they will have to bridge the gap and build trust through friendly practices and take high step regarding peace process.Pakistan and Afghanistan must not let the militants to fish in the troubled waters. Terrorists’ safe havens have already turned to be a great threat to Pakistan’s security and the militants have spared no effort to target civilians in both countries.
Despite the fact that Afghanistan has suffered heavily as a result of horror and terror, the threat posed by terrorists will not be restricted within a particular geography. The fact has proved that terrorist groups extend their reach every day within Europe and America, which indicates that terrorism knows no limitation or boundary and will intensify in case of not being combated. On the other hand, there are concerns that the obstacles before their access to the weapon of mass destruction seem to be reduced. 
To view the escalated militancy in the region, all countries have to play their role genuinely in campaigning against terrorism. Indeed, we live in the “global village” and a country’s security situation will affect the regional security. In this case, if a country neglects its role, the entire region will bear the consequence. So, all states – be it Pakistan, Afghanistan or any other countries – need to prove their sincerity in fighting terrorism for the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.