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Afghanistan owns inclusive government, terrorism uprooted

The participants of the latest conference held in Uzbekistan’s Samarkand city on Thursday, once again discussed issues relating to the situation in Afghanistan. It demanded the Islamic Emirate to establish an inclusive government and fight destructive activities possibly posting threats to their territories. Narcotics and human rights have also been parts of the agendas discussed in the fourth foreign ministerial conference, hosted by Uzbekistan, on April 13, 2023 in the Samarkand city. Foreign ministers of China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan participated in the event, in which, the parties discussed the current condition in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has frequently said that it had shaped an inclusive system and that terrorism has already been uprooted all over the country. Representatives of all tribes of the country, including Tajik, Uzbek Pashtun, Hazara and all minorities have their shares in the Islamic system. The foreign ministerial conference in which, the country’s foreign ministry, spoke about the role and position of Afghanistan, is very important as the regional countries are expected to exert joint efforts for restoring stability and economic prosperity in the country and the region for which, Afghanistan will play a constructive role. Also negative confrontation and illegitimate rivalries, as the country’s foreign minister said, are not allowed in Afghanistan and as a responsible government, the IEA is responsible to fulfill all its obligation. Human rights including the rights of women to work are secured, militancy is being strongly fought in any parts of the country and the related organs are working on a curriculum to help reopen the doors of girl schools in the country. The foreign forces withdrawal has paved the way for establish a powerful central government, restore countrywide security, enforce law and order, bring corruption to zero, ban drugs and root out poppy cultivation across the country. So, a proper opportunity has now been available for close and meaningful cooperation between Afghanistan, the region and the world. Time is now available for all regional connectivity projects such as Trans-Afghan Railway, TAPI, CASA-1,000 and others. The current circumstance requires to overcome any obstacles and to join efforts to make proper use of all opportunities for the common region. Also, as the country’s foreign minister said, the IEA remain firmly committed to not allow any malicious groups to use Afghanistan’s territory against any regional countries or beyond, as well as will never allow narcotics cultivation in the country and pursue stability and regional connectivity, the developments that can guarantee the interests of the entire region. So, rumors and propagandas against the Islamic Emirate should not be valued and relations between Afghanistan under the Islamic system and the region should be given high importance. Let’s have such conferences be helpful and effective in any areas, mostly in strengthening relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.