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Afghanistan; now a model of security and stability!

The past four decades of war had changed Afghanistan to a dangerous country. Upon hearing the name of Afghanistan, the black image of insecurity, murders, corruption and depression would naturally come to one’s mind. As usual, the media of the region and the world used to report about the death of dozens of Afghans on daily basis. Indeed, the situation in Afghanistan was as distressing as nobody’s life and property were safe. But, with the help of Almighty Allah and under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate (IEA), Afghanistan has enjoyed ideal security and stability for the past two years. Thanks to the sacrifices of IEA security forces who are working day and night to provide better security to the people of Afghanistan. Although some regional and international intelligence agencies and media are trying to somehow show that the security situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating by passing each single day, the ideal security and stability during the Eid days showed that the assumptions and predictions of these agencies and media have been wrong. No single security incident has been reported in the entire country during the days of Eid. It is the first time the people of Afghanistan have celebrated the Eid days in a peaceful and brotherhood environment. The people are happy and appreciating the IEA security forces for maintaining better security during the Eid days. It was actually a great reward and mercy from the Almighty Allah and we need to be grateful for this great blessing as the people celebrated each moment of the Eid days in a peaceful environment. It is a good opportunity that the government and the nation should work together for the sustainability of the Islamic system. In addition to the implementation of Islamic rules, the Islamic Emirate (IEA) should pay further attention to public interests and the people should also fully support the system. With fulfilling responsibilities, both the government and the people can change the country to a stable and peaceful country in the region. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.