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Afghanistan; new development-trade opportunities

For the first time, exports of Afghanistan trade items started through railway to China. Hereafter some trade items will be exported to China through railway from the origin point of Hairatan port via Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Initially this trade-transit route was considered for imports of merchandize from China to Afghanistan but according to utterances of relevant officials to media, due signing of several documents of understanding between Afghanistan and those countries, now Afghan businessmen can export their items by railways to China.
This means creation of another opportunity for Afghanistan imports-exports transactions and due to being a landlocked country and lacking access to free international waters.
Afghanistan has been dependent to land routs of neighboring countries. This had caused Afghanistan to be restrictedly dependent to Pakistan land routes that connect us to Karachi port.
But today, fortunately, Afghanistan has been rescued from this dependence and has access to different alternative land routes to develop its trade relations. These unique facilities include air corridors, Chabahar port, Lapis Road and finally rail road trade-transit to and from China.
At present it means that Afghanistan has many opportunities to expand its foreign trade and economy and overcome available problems.
Today Afghanistan is not depended to a particular country for its foreign trade, neither its trade routes are monopolized by one country as it was so before that produced unpleasant consequences not only for traders but for all Afghan people and their merchandize stopped in Karachi port or Pakistan borders.
It happened may times that vegetables and fruits were decayed and inflicted heavy damage.
Closure of Pakistan road, impacted Afghanistan domestic markets faced shortage of essentials and hike prices. But now closure of Pakistan route leaves no strong impact on markets. Domestic markets face no shortage of foodstuff. Our, itemsare exported on due times to global markets.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.