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Afghanistan neighbors with different landscape & role in peace process

By: Lailuma Noori

US and NATO by recently announcing their troops withdrawal from Afghanistan have submitted the country’s future destiny to the hands of Afghans, neighboring countries and regional powers involved in Afghanistan issues. However, financial and technical cooperation from the US and NATO side with Afghanistan government will continue in framework of Brussels meeting till 2024.
In domestic level, besides that Afghanistan government, Taliban and political parties and elites see negotiations as the only way for ending the continued war in the country, Afghanistan’s neighboring countries particularly Pakistan, Iran and China have active role in Afghanistan’s relevant debates of peace and war.
Although Afghanistan’s neighbors in the north particularly Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are also active in the respective debates, role and part of the country’s eastern, southern and western neighbors are effective and their landscapes in the respective debates are different.
Afghanistan peace has both regional and international dimensions and can be successful only with honest cooperation of regional powers and stopping their proxy wars in Afghanistan.
They have different landscapes and visions for Afghanistan. For example, Indians are opposing the return of Taliban’s Islamic Emirate, but they are in favor of the group’s reintegration in current republic system.
Pakistan is pursuing the power balance between the current government and Taliban group. Based on the Pakistani policy, the country is neither in favor of Taliban’s return to the power nor their full reintegration in Afghanistan government. Pakistan sometimes supports Taliban’s position, while it sometimes somehow declares its support from Afghanistan government.
The country’s does not follow its clear stance in Afghanistan peace and war. Pakistan somehow plays the double-game policy with Afghanistan.
On the other hand, Iran and China want the reintegration of the Taliban group in Afghanistan government.
As efforts are underway in international level to end the continued war in Afghanistan, Russia is also supporting the full reintegration of the Taliban group in the current government of Afghanistan.
Following the US and NATO’s announcement for full troops withdrawal from Afghanistan by 11 September, Russia has expressed concern over further deterioration of security situation in Afghanistan. The country’s northern neighboring countries are anticipating that the continued war in Afghanistan ends following agreement between Afghanistan government and Taliban and their objective is to start trade with south Asian countries and prevent from infiltration of Islamists to their countries.
From among neighboring countries of Afghanistan, China with its high position in the region can play effective role in the country’s peace process. During the past history, China has not played any negative roles on Afghanistan issues. The country can play vital role between Afghanistan and Pakistan and its cooperation is key for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Currently, it is necessary to somehow address concerns and demands of neighbors and regional powers involved in Afghanistan issues. Ignoring any of these neighbors and powers in Afghanistan future formulas might increase contradiction of interests between real sides to the conflict and peace in domestic level. The only way to overcome such contradictions is to first perceive and then address their rational concerns.


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