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Afghanistan needs unity more than any other time

Afghanistan is at a critical time which extremely needs unity, and any personal, religious and racial interests should be put aside to help the country get rid of the ongoing challenges. If Afghans fail to collectively stand against the retrogressive elements, it may take tens of years to avail an opportunity so as to establish a free and fair democratic system.
Therefore, nothing will rescue Afghanistan except national unity. During the Soviet Union aggression, Afghans could defeat a big emperor of the time but now the country struggling to fight a few terrorists that have no root in the land. Today, there are many countries in the world that only few of them belong to the same ethnic or religion group, however most of other countries have been formed from different ethnic and religious groups while they live peacefully and respecting each other’s believes and views.
Therefore, we have to cross these barriers and cultivate a new establish of communion, love of neighbor and real unity beginning from coaching children in new Afghanistan. The new generation should reach this understanding that building a great united nation largely depends on its heads and leaders.
Considering the bitter experiences of the past, Afghans have to remember to always select those leaders or system that unites, not divides, a system that encourages diversity, not racism, a leader who is recognized not unknown, a leader who strongly determined against terrorism, opium and corruptions, a leader who says what they intend, keeps their word and does not fool their people and would never escape public questions.
During an interview with Associated Press, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Saturday the often-fractured Afghan political leadership must be united in its peace talks with the Taliban or risk more bitter fighting as the US and NATO withdraw. He said the time is now for Afghanistan’s political leaders to stand united in the talks.
The main reason behind recent challenges of insecurity in Afghansitan is the continued interferences of foreign and regional countries. As they support a group of ignorant people to kill civilians and destroy the public properties, they can also use another group to inject divisions through social media networks by raising the controversies of ethnicity, identity and religious issues in the country.
Therefore, national unity is one of the most important topics while it receives the least attention in Afghanistan. Therefore, the national unity must be the main principle in our daily social and political interactions, especially when we are on the eve of the new political chapter after withdrawal of international allies.
President Ghani has recently initiated a number of one-to-one meetings with political figures, aiming at establishing national consensus for peace in the country. Indeed, we need to keep in mind that no group is able to lonely rescue the country and the system. Therefore, we would act as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided.
Not to forget that it is also the responsibility of social actors such as political parties, media and religious scholars to play their constructive roles in this sensitive chapter of the country. Our religious society also needs to have an independent and credible fatwa center to guide the people when they are confused by this and that.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.