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Afghanistan needs more attention to develop

After the restoration of the Islamic system, our country needs more attention as it has been in the depths of war and burning fire for more than 40 years. The long war, destruction and occupation turned the body of this land into ashes. So, there is an urgent need for the country to be paid more attention and as a party that brought freedom and independence to Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate should bring tranquility and prosperity to this land and bring progress, excellence and civilization to dear Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan endured a lot of hardships during the revolution and developments and this country has been subjected to aggression and occupation many times and has tasted the poison of suffering, war and destruction for decades. If we look at the previous years, only in twenty years, during the year of occupation, this land went through hard and dark days by America and NATO and mercenary government and experienced dark and bitter periods. Likewise, before that, the actions of the black-minded Russians and communists, the civil war among the socalled Jihadi groups had turned this country into hell, and the poor and destitute nation was attacked and attacked from all directions, and the machine gun barrage rained this country and eliminated all of the country’s infrastructures. But, by the grace of Almighty Allah, with the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, war, insecurity, destruction, prejudice and violence were removed and this nation achieved the blessing of freedom, peace and stability. But the wound of Afghanistan has not yet been completely healed and the wounds of poverty and destruction are still clearly visible in the body of this tortured country. We hope that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will put ointment on these wounds and heal these pains and elevate this country to the heights of happiness, settlement and prosperity, so that our nation, like other nations of the world, can benefit from the blessing of the Islamic system, prosperity and experience green and bright days.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.