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Afghanistan needs developed technology

Today’s world is experiencing strange developments in all fields and all nations are working hard to lead their countries towards development and progress as they are working to create amazing things. Today, if we look at the world, we find that strange and complex industries have been created in developed countries, where people are using modern technology and experiencing new and different discoveries. Technology has witnessed impressive evolution in the past few decades, which has in turn transformed people’s lives and helped them evolve with it. Right from roadways, railways, and aircraft for seamless travel to making communication effortless from any part of the world, technology has contributed more than anything to help mankind live a life of convenience. Spacecrafts, intercontinental missiles, modern aircraft, drones, amazing architectures, skyscrapers, industry and trade and others are all the things that originated from the human mind and have been created with continued human efforts. It is also because of technology that we know our world and outer space better. Every field owes its advancement to technology, and this clearly indicates the importance of technology in every aspect of our lives. But with pain and regret our nation still bears the burden of poverty and deprivation and continues to suffer from the stinging and nasty thorns of life. Today, our youth unfortunately bear the burden of a bitter and difficult life in place of getting education, innovating and shining in the fields of technology and inventions as they are busy with hard work inside and outside and are wandering to find a loaf of bread. All these miseries have engulfed Afghanistan since a group of criminal communists launched a disgraceful coup and changed this beautiful country to a ground for internal and external wars as this noble nation sank into the mire of miseries for a long period of years. Although with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the burden of war, insecurities and occupation has been removed from the nation’s shoulders and the nation has been blessed with freedom and peace, but, unfortunately, the nation is suffering from increasing poverty and unemployment With the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover, efforts have been continually made towards the development and revival of the country. We hope the current government will bring prosperity to the nation address current challenges and poverty facing the people and lead the country to the heights of progress and development. The nation expects that a day will come when Afghanistan is equipped with modern and advanced technology and all possible pavement is provided for the country’s youth and children to receive modern education, science and technology so that they can move the country towards development in all fields. With our country being developed and equipped with modern technology and equipment in all fields, it can easily defend its airspace and territory against foreign enemies as other countries of the world countries of the world. Muqset

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.