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Afghanistan National Futsal Team approaches World Cup after defeating Iraq 5-3

The Afghanistan national futsal team took a significant step towards qualifying for the Futsal World Cup with a thrilling playoff match against the Iraq national futsal team. After conceding an initial goal from Iraq, Afghanistan’s national team fought hard to equalize the score. Their efforts paid off, as Afghanistan managed to score a crucial goal. However, this wasn’t the end of the story, and our national futsal team players continued their attacks and were able to make a comeback. Afghanistan’s futsal national team defeated Iraq 4-2 in the first half of the game. Iraqi players managed to equalize one of the goals they conceded early in the second half, but their efforts to equalize the game remained fruitless. In the final seconds, Jawad Saffari, the goalkeeper of our national futsal team, scored the fifth goal. In this game, Mehran Gholami, a key player for Afghanistan, scored two crucial goals. Akbar Kazemi and Farzad Mahmoodi, also instrumental in the team’s victory, added two more goals by striking into Iraq’s net. Mehdi Norouzi, the captain of our national futsal team, commented on this crucial and thrilling match: “Considering that we didn’t deserve to lose the previous game, today we had a thrilling much against Iraq. Iraq is one of the best teams in Asia We were determined to be one of the teams in the World Cup. God willing, we will win Monday’s game as well,” said Mahdi Narouzi, the captain of our national futsal team. He added that Monday’s game, against Vietnam or Kyrgyzstan, will undoubtedly be tough and challenging. But we are Afghanistan, one of the good teams in Asia. “The Kyrgyzstan team is good because they managed to defeat the Japan futsal team, and Vietnam also has a good coach and played an exciting game against Uzbekistan. But in my opinion, the Iraq team was better than these two teams. And we can defeat one of these two teams,” said Majid Mortazayee, Afghanistan’s national futsal team coach. “Three of our team players were injured and couldn’t play in today’s game, and we hope that our medical team can recover them so they can be ready for the next game. Afghanistan should be proud now to be the sixth most powerful team in Asia,” he said. Afghanistan must face Kyrgyzstan to qualify for the Futsal World Cup since Kyrgyzstan secured their path to the World Cup by defeating Vietnam 3-2 in the playoff final. The match between Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan will take place on Monday, and the winning team will secure the last spot in the World Cup. Regardless of whether Afghanistan or Kyrgyzstan qualifies for the World Cup, this tournament is exceptional for Central Asia because the World Cup is hosted in Uzbekistan, and apart from the host, Iran and Tajikistan have also qualified for the World Cup. Thus, four out of five teams representing Asia will be from Central Asia. The Futsal World Cup will be held from September 14th to October 6th of the current year in Uzbekistan. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.