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‘Afghanistan moving forwards to become exporting country’

First shipment of up to 570 tons of talc stones has been dispatched to India during an inauguration in a ceremony held in Zaranj, the provincial city of Nimruz, the other day.
The measure was an initiative made by the country’s president over the last few years to help the country’s economy grow and to seek alternative to those Afghan border countries entered tension with Afghanistan.
The shipment was said to leave for Chabahar Port, during an inauguration ceremony attended by Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in Zaranj the capital city of western Nimruz province.
Ambassadors from Iran and India and envoys from the regional countries have attended the departure ceremony.
Up to 570 tons of exports in 23 containers would be sent to India from Zaranj via the Chabahar Port of Iran, president spokesman, Haroon Chakhansori has told reporters few days ago.
The country’s first exports to India through the Chabahar port are talc stones, which were previously exported to Asian, European and Western countries.
The president said that Afghanistan was going to turn into an exporting country. “Afghanistan is turning into an exporting country from an importing country and that the language of connection is the language of economy.”
The country’s president has earlier inaugurated the Lapis Lazuli Road in western Herat province, part of measures, he wanted the country to stand on its feet and get rid of foreign aids, as he believed no country has become wealthy by other assistances.
Indefinitely, since the beginning of the national unity government, Afghanistan has seen eye-catching economic growth and noticeable drop in prices.
Afghan traders should also do their best to export and import quality goods and offer commodities with reasonable prices to the citizens and help the government overcome poverty.
Afghan traders with the help of government should continue building various industries in various parts of the country, particularly when peace talks are going on with the government armed oppositions.
People should also support the government’s embarking on the powerful individuals who are preventing the government welfare programs, mostly in the remote provinces of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.