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“Afghanistan more secure than ever”

Some certain circles are still fueling misunderstandings between Afghanistan and the regional countries and want to disturb the public mind that terrorism have still safe havens in the country and would threaten peace and stability of the region, if not controlled.
These malicious circles have even influenced into some regional nations and Afghanistan neighbors merely to pursue their own hostility with the Islamic system to reach their evil goals. They want to give their idea the color of global goodwill that they may want peace and security and counter-terrorism efforts worldwide.
India is one of the clear examples of those countries affected by malicious propaganda from these vicious circles and expresses grave concern over its security from Afghanistan.
At the UN aria formula meeting (which is an informal meeting of the UNSC members) held recently, India’s representative said “Afghanistan should not be used for harboring terrorists or training, planning or financing terrorist attacks, specifically against individuals and entities prescribed by the UN Security Council.”
India has been/is a close friend of Afghanistan. This is undeniable that the friendly country has done much for the poverty and conflict-battered Afghans over the last several decades, particularly during the last two decades of foreign forces invasion of the country.
The country has facilitated education for hundreds of Afghan students at Indian universities and provided hundreds of tons of edible and non-edible items for the poverty-stricken Afghans.
On the other hand, India has its own geographical tension with its neighbor Pakistan and Afghanistan has always called on the two neighbors to resolve their issues through political dialogues.
Moreover, India has done nothing worse for the Afghan nation nor Afghanistan has the reason to interfere or disturb the peace atmosphere of India or other nations.
Since Afghanistan wants its relation improved with the whole world countries and wants its political relations further strengthen with the world powers, it never wants a phenomenon by the name of terrorism or extremism to threaten peace and security of its people or of the region and the world.
As the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan called these concerns of no matter, this should be noted that no individual or group would be allowed to use Afghanistan as a threat against other countries.
Afghanistan has undergone decades of insecurity and now is committed for an overall security of its nation and the goal could only be reached when it works for the security of the region and the world.
After the takeover of Afghanistan by the Islamic Emirate, last year, hundreds of anti-security elements have been killed and their hideouts in different parts of the country destroyed, besides sure and nationwide security.
The IEA understands that the security of Afghanistan and the world is interlinked and any move to threat security of others would result in deterioration of its own peace and security. Also, why should security of other nations be threatened, while the holy Islam has never done and nor ordered, even prevented and called on the followers to pursue the same.
World nations, particularly, Afghanistan’s neighbors and the countries of the region should make sure that they would never be threatened from the Afghan territory nor the IEA allows any individuals or groups to use Afghanistan a threat against others.
This should also be noted that Afghanistan is in a dire need of cooperation including political and economic engagement to develop war on any type of militancy and join hands with Afghanistan for a peaceful world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.