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Afghanistan more optimistic about peace: survey

A fresh survey conducted by Asian Foundation shows that about 23 percent people of Afghanistan are optimist about their future.
This foundation interviewed with over 15000 Afghans in 34 provinces about security, economic growth, employment, expansion, governance, political partnership, access to information, emigration and the issues related to women.
Based on this survey, it is said that 23 percent people are optimist about future but, 21 percent of Afghans believe that their country is moving toward insecurity, unemployment, weak economy, hike of price and the country is moving toward incorrect itinerary and majority of people are thinking so.
The findings of this survey show that the sympathy of Afghans to opponent armed groups of government of Afghanistan is reducing, as 82 percent of Afghans said that they have no sympathy with Taliban.
In this survey 79 percent people who responded to queries in north western part of Afghanistan regard Taliban as a great threat for security of their regions, while 57 percent other in the west regard Daesh as a great threat for their regions.
The findings of the survey of Asian Foundation also shows that harass in civil freedoms among Afghans increases from 52 percent in 2017 to 92 percent in 2018 and it is the high graph of harassment that registered to date.
General director of Asian Foundation David Arnold in connection with this survey said that the aim behind this survey is it that through this annually, we are committing to bridging of informative vacuum for support to promotion of deliberate policy-making and improvement of living situation of people of Afghanistan.
Likewise, 73 percent people of Afghanistan had said that they have harass in attending in peaceful demonstrations and this figure in 2004 was only 13 percent.
In such a state, the number of those Afghans who believe their country is moving toward a correct itinerary remained stable with the standard of 33 percent.
They said that improvement in security situation, rehabilitation, governance, women rights and economy are the reasons improved their morale.
The findings of this survey show that the believe of Afghans to democracy, elections, government institutions and services has been promoted. But harass about insecurities and worsening of economy along with postponement of parliamentary elections effect on their consideration about future.
In other section, this survey although as a whole promoted the optimism of people for reaching to an agreement about peace comparing last year but, among women, this optimism has been reduced.
In this survey over 51.8 percent of people who responded to queries regarded the reasons of their optimism about improvement of security, 47.9 percent about rehabilitation, and approximately 28.8 percent regarded improvement in governance as the important reasons for their optimism about future.
Additionally, over 37.6 percent of people regarded economic concerns as the main pessimism about future of the country.
33 percent problems of governance, 9.1 percent lack of infrastructures, over 6.4 percent foreign interference, 4.2 percent injustice and 2.6 percent cutting of foreign contributions is the reason of their pessimism about future of Afghanistan.
This report also hinted at great problems faced by women.
Like previous years, majority of people believe that lack of education opportunities and illiteracy are ahead of problems that women are facing with.
Following this, non access to justice and unemployment are other main challenges that women are facing with.
Considerations about ANDSF:
Majority of those who responded in current year’s survey regarded national police and national army of Afghanistan as the first forces who ensure security in their regions.
A small number of those who respond to queries, regard Taliban as the main factor for ensuring security in their regions.
68.1 percent of such people regard national police as the factor behind ensuring security in their regions.
45.7 percent has asserted that national army maintains their security and 2percent regard Taliban as the main factor behind ensuring security in their areas.
Peace and Reconciliation:
The report indicates that the Afghans who are optimist to reaching into a possible agreement with Taliban have been increased comparing last year.
But from gender point of view, the optimism has increased in some extent among male but among female vice versa.
The report says 46.5 percent women are believing that peace with Taliban is possible while 60.5 percent of male are optimism about possibility of peace with Taliban.
It is possible that the main reason behind optimisms to peace with Taliban would be establishment of first ceasefire between government and Taliban within Eid days of Ramadan that was occurred before this survey.
It is mentionable that this survey is the 14th ones that is conducted in Afghanistan.
Shukria Kohistani

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