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Afghanistan insurgency has deep root in foreign intelligence interferences

Some foreign intelligence networks have started fueling psychological warfare against the people and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
They said the country was facing harsh condition; mostly in term of security, as they alleged that the so-called Islamic State militants are still active and operational in the country.
They have now entered a new chapter of conducting conspiracies; an embarrassing issue against the Afghan people who have suffered critical miseries, during the last 20 years of foreign invasion in Afghanistan.
They pretext that terrorist groups, including the so-called Islamic State – Khurasan Branch, are trying to reorganize their activities in Afghanistan, however they have not been able to practically act against the U.S. or other of its allies, a senior official told the senate.
They said that these groups have not yet posed any threat to American soil, and they were closely monitoring them, and if they stand up and threaten the United States, they will take appropriate action.
Meanwhile, David Petraeus, former head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and former commander of the U.S. military in Afghanistan said that he was worried about the presence of terrorist groups and the recent wave of violence in other countries such as Iraq and added the Islamic Emirate was not allegedly able to ensure security in Afghanistan.
Earlier, the United Nations Monitoring Group reported that following the change of regime in Afghanistan, the activities of foreign groups have also increased and the members of the so-called IS in Afghanistan have increased from 2,200 to over 4,000, half of whom are foreign nationals.
If we cast a glance at the course of events in Afghanistan, especially in the extra eight months since the Islamic Emirate retook political power in Afghanistan, efforts from the alien circles are increased to indicate Afghanistan an unsafe place for countries in the region, and especially for its neighbors.
Undoubtedly, the recent terrorist attacks in some parts of Afghanistan for which Daesh has claimed responsibility have fueled propaganda against Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate, while such attacks have deep roots in efforts from some certain intelligence networks, with long interference in the internal affairs of the country.
If we pay attention to the recent statements of Imran Khan, the ousted Pakistan Prime Minister, we will become more aware of the hidden games taking place against Afghanistan, a country newly emerged from years of devastating conflicts.
Not only Afghanistan, but other countries in its neighborhood, such as Pakistan, and in the region are frustrated with western meddling in its internal affairs
As recently seen, Imran Khan, who was ousted as Pakistan’s prime minister about a month ago, also said the United States was behind the overthrow of his government.
He also said that Washington wanted to use Pakistani air bases to monitor Afghanistan, while he insisted that Islamabad pursue an independent policy before the world, region and its neighbors.
This is a clear fact that despite the U.S. and its allies’ withdrawal from the country, the issue of Afghanistan, in Washington has not been forgotten and the U.S. is thinking of regaining control of the country with new games and the issue of terrorist groups’ operation in Afghanistan, has now become excuse.
While the Islamic Emirate insists that the Islamic State [known as Daesh in Afghanistan] has no public presence anywhere in the country, as much as during the past puppet regime, but some intelligence circles are seeking excuse to re-enter the country and continue meddling in our internal affairs.
The U.S. should know and undeniably understood that the recent attacks do not mean that the Islamic Emirate was incapable of ensuring security, as before the IEA’s regaining power, such attacks had most often been taking place, in various parts of the country.
This should be noted that the so-called Islamic State militants have no public or physical presence in Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate forces have enough power and firm will to fight and eliminate any element of insecurity in the country.
If the current situation was focused on in Afghanistan, we find that the remarks and plans of foreigners, especially the Americans, are not in line with the realities in Afghanistan.
They are still seeking conspiracies and creating problems in the war-and-economically affected nation.
So, this is only a mere psychological war against the Afghan people, which has been clarified by recent western officials’ remarks. Both the IEA and the people should be aware of such plots and join hands with each other to foil them.

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