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Afghanistan government still debating on Moscow peace meeting

As efforts are underway in national and international level for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, it is determined that Moscow will host a meeting on Afghanistan peace.
According to officials for Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry, a delegation from Afghanistan government is in Moscow to further discuss regarding the meeting determined to be held on Afghanistan peace in Moscow.
A spokesperson Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Sebghat Ahmadi has said discussions were ongoing regarding the issue of holding talks on Afghanistan with Russian side how to convene the meeting, adding that the government was yet to take a decision on whether to participate in the meeting.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says Moscow meeting can be a good start for peace talks and they are hopeful for results of the meeting.
“Russia, which is a powerful country in the region and taking the step today for maintaining peace in Afghanistan, should hear the voice of the people, government and HPC of Afghanistan as leading of the peace process,” a spokesperson to HPC Mohammad Ihsan Tahiri said.
The Moscow multi-national meeting on Afghanistan was expected to take place in early September this year, but it was delayed after Kabul refused to send its delegation to the conference, reasoning lack of consultation.
Afghan political experts believe that no efforts will give results until warring sides in Afghanistan dispute do not show tendency for understanding and peace talks.
They say if it would be the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process and followed by Afghanistan government and political parties, its result would be undoubtedly positive as Afghans themselves know that they overcome all challenges and problems through national unity.
“Continuation of war is to the detriment of all Afghans and it’s peace that can bring bright future to both Afghanistan and the region; therefore, all warring sides should agree to end the ongoing war through negotiations,” an Afghan political figure Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal said.
He added that the people of Afghanistan were tired of war and violence in the country and believed that peace efforts could finally pave the way for ending the war in the country.
Haidar Hemat, another Afghan political analyst, says Afghans should use any options to persuade armed opponent groups for peace talks as continuation of war can challenge all development programs in the country.
He added that Afghans should not let other countries put Afghanistan as ground for their political competitions, saying if they honestly wanted to cooperate with Afghanistan in maintaining peace and stability, they should exert necessary political pressures on countries supporting terrorism and extremism.
Most Afghans also believe that peace can be maintained in Afghanistan only if foreign interferences are stopped in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
It is worth mentioning that various meetings and conferences have been held on Afghanistan peace in national and international level, but no national and international efforts have brought peace to the war-torn country. Suraya Raiszada

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